We Are Painting the Kitchen Black

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We Are Painting the Kitchen Black

One of the things I love about blogs and the internet is how it allows people like me, people who love interiors but know nothing about designing them, to experiment and really “do it yourself,” if you will. They provide inspiration, sources and advice. It’s pretty amazing really.

And since I vowed from the beginning that I would do this one on my own and without a designer, design blogs have been a major source of inspiration for me. Probably the one that I seek out the most is Studio McGee. Their clean, minimalist aesthetic lends itself to what we are looking for in so many ways.

So when it came time to design our kitchen, I took a lot of inspiration from one of my favorite Studio McGee projects. And while our house (and kitchen) are nowhere near this size, the layout of it sort of worked for what we were going for and brought in the black windows we had decided on. So while not exact, a lot of what we decided to do is similar to this one with a few changes.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. At one point I contemplated painting the cabinets hunter green instead of black, but my family talked me out of it.  So we are sticking with the black cabinets. And I am stoked on it.
  2. Probably the hardest part about this was finding a countertop that worked. My husband wanted something very, very white but I still wanted some veining so it looked like stone. After what seemed like an endless search, we finally found the perfect stone – Caeserstone’s Frosty Carrina quartz. I fell in love with the sample and when I saw a full slab… let’s just say it was perfect. While they consider this more of a middle of the road quartz, because we decided to waterfall the stone down the sides of the island, it’s cutting pretty heavily into our countertop budget. Needless to say, we’ve made some compromises in other areas. But they say to spend your money in the kitchen, right?!
  3. We are sticking with a white subway tile backsplash because it’s classic and affordable. Plus, it really makes a more modern kitchen feel homey.
  4. We are keeping the stain on the floors throughout the house light, similar to the one here. We’ve had dark floors in this last house and the dog hair is out of control. Plus, we are planning on using some dramatic paint colors throughout, so we wanted something to lighten it all up.
  5. We haven’t decided on the counter pulls just yet, but definitely want a bronze or a brushed gold and something with more modern lines.
  6. We are still looking for pendants. I like the ones they used here, but in keeping with our more Soho House vibe, am really interested in these from The Mine. Thoughts? Any other recommendations?  These could also be cool… I have gone so many different directions with this.
  7. Finally, while this hood is gorgeous, it is also insanely expensive.  So we had our cabinet maker build a wood casing to put around our hood. Not as cool, but looks pretty great. The issue, however, is what color to paint it.  I am leaning towards painting it white to leave all of the dark below. But we could paint it black to be consistent? Thoughts? Concerns? General inquiries?

The cabinets are installed and they are working on the tile throughout.  Keep following along on InstaStories for more immediate updates, but we should have something tangible to show you soon!

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Needless to say, we’ve made some compromises in other areas. But they say to spend your money in the kitchen, right?!

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    The black looks beautiful! Good choice! I love reading about your house renovations!

    • Lynsey

      Thanks so much!! Praying it all works out.

  • I would probably paint it black for consistency but it’s a hard call until I actually see it.

    I love the color scheme and the gold handles, it sound gorgeous. I wanted to paint my kitchen black but I don’t have any windows in the kitchen, so I fear it would become a black hole.

    • Lynsey

      Ugh. Honestly, I don’t like any of the choices. Painting it black feels like it’s going to be too heavy and then white feels inconsistent (you’re so right)… I feel like if we just keep thinking about it something will make sense, eventually. Ha!

  • Heejeong Jeong


    I am in love, love, love with your kitchen. Do you mid sharing the black paint you used for your kitchen cabinets? They look amazing! What an amazing choice!


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