On a Mission

On a Mission

I have had my sights set on a new pair of white sneakers since about the time I saw this image from New York Fashion Week back in September. It was the perfect mix of sporty meets posh and I needed it in my life stat. At first blush my task seemed somewhat simple. White sneakers. OK, go get some. But nothing is that simple with me. And as is my MO, I labored over this decision.

Fresh, white sneakers. Leather. Athletic with a hint of nostalgia, but not dated. Preferably Adidas, but if something fit the bill and was more affordable, I wasn’t married to the brand.  These were my requirements. This was my quest.

I settled into a slew of department stores to make my way through a sea of Nike and Converse, stopped by Zara when someone mentioned they had a pair of leather sneaks that might fit the bill, and even bought myself a pair of canvas Tretorns (which I love) to hold me over when it started to look like I wasn’t going to find the pair I wanted at a price I was comfortable with. This went on for six months. (I wish I was exaggerating.)

Finally, while perusing the sneaker selection at DSW (admittedly, a weekly habit), I came across the exact white Adidas sneaks that had set me out on this ridiculous mission to begin with – the perfect companion to even the dressiest of dresses, the streets of New York had proved it. Why was I still trying to find something better? The hunt was off. This was the pair.

I’ve been wearing them nonstop ever since giving up the search – with palazzo pants, midi skirts and short dresses. I don’t know why it took me so long to commit. Maybe I just needed to see the price reduction at DSW in order to pull the trigger.


At DSW, we believe in the power of shoes, and in the power of shoe lovers.  With thousands of fresh styles for men, women, and children, we’ve got something for everyone, no matter who they are or how they dress.  Shoes say a lot about you.  Say something great.

Why was I still trying to find something better? The hunt was off. This was the pair.

In the post:

dress: Alice Ritter  |  sneakers: Adidas c/o DSW  |  backpack: Elizabeth and James  |  sunglasses: c/o Triple Graces  |  watch: vintage


  • Jess

    I did this last year. By the time I decided I wanted white leather slip on Vans, they were sold out.. I did find a pair on sale (last pair, my size, 50% off) at the end of sale season. I was really happy with them, but then I found out &Other Stories is collaborating with Vans on white leather slip ons with snake texture, Dalmatian dots AND striped soles. Sigh.. Now I wish I’d waited. But I convinced my sister to buy them, and we’re the same size. Problem solved.

    • Lynsey

      At 50% off, I think you made a good call and, potentially, can justify both. I mean, right?!


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