Ombre Underwear

Ombre Underwear

A few months ago we waxed poetic about how much we loved a good exposed bright bra situationWe even received a few comments from the likes of you inspiring us to embrace our femininity and invest in the lingerie department on a more regular basis.  So we committed to buying underwear as sets (and more importantly, wearing it as such) and did a complete and total restructuring of our lingerie drawer. Needless to say, we are feeling more European by the minute. Life is good.

But just as we are starting to feel like we have control when it comes to our undergarments, Cosabella took a cue from Kylie Jenner’s hair and we’ve lost it all over again. In time for us to actually take our exposed undergarment show on the road and put our bra where our mouth is, Cosabella has turned our drawers updside down with ombre underthings that make us want to wear our underthings as outerthings, if you know what we are saying. Good thing for us it’s ninety degrees outside and no one would look twice (except maybe to ask us where we got them).

Sidenote: If you haven’t tried a Cosabella bandeau bra we strongly suggest it. As longtime anti-bandeau ladies (due in large part to flattened tops and pinched arms), we are complete converts thanks to these babies. And with summer right around the corner, they are worth the investment.

bandeau bra: c/o Cosabella / thong: c/o Cosabella / book: Marc Jacobs by Bridget Foley / sandals: Rachel Roy



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