Not Your Grandma’s Diamonds

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Not Your Grandma’s Diamonds

We’ve been talking a lot around here about investing in your jewelry box. About modern day heirlooms. Ever wonder where this focus on fast fashion is going to leave us? Ever suspect, in fact, that all we will have left to pass down to our grandchildren will be broken pieces of plastic attached to green copper studs?

I have.

Blame social media’s contagious keeping up with the Chiara’s, but it seems the focus has shifted from memorable quality to trendy quantity. And there’s something sad about that. Perhaps that’s why, no matter their age, truly stylish women always seem to respond with “This is 100 years old…literally,” when asked about any of their unique and timeless jewels.

In that vein, all of my most cherished pieces used to be my mother’s or my grandmother’s. My two prized possessions: My grandmother’s diamond ring and a diamond pendant necklace my dad gave my mother when I was born. They have meaning, beauty and history. They are moments meant to last. And as I start to build out my jewelry collection, that’s what I am focused on now. Spending judiciously for a few on-point pieces that will give life to my wardrobe and serve as daily statements while simultaneously standing up to the test of time, ultimately being passed to my daughter and then hers.

Now, to be clear, just because jewelry is quality doesn’t mean it can’t be modern and cool. Recently, I stopped into Helzberg Diamonds to play with their EFFY collection – a very modern and stylish take on diamond jewelry. While you might pass them down to your grandchildren, these aren’t your grandmas diamonds. These diamonds are the best friend that took you out for a boozy brunch, listened to your boyfriend problems and then drove you home after. They are exactly what we’ve been looking for around here – modern heirlooms.

After spending the afternoon stacking rings (so chic) and styling statement earrings, I decided that saving up for pieces instead of splurging on irrational impulses is the single most worthwhile adjustment you can make to your wardrobe.  It’s far better to buy one exceptional pair of earrings that feature some whimsical feature, size or metal (I went with these incredibly cool panther dangles – which, it should be noted are much daintier in person than they look online), any of which can be worn everyday, ultimately making everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a pantsuit look more fresh and put-together.

Just think, there will be a time when we look back on the trend of finding cheap imitations from giant chain stores and appreciate this movement towards quality. I just hope I’m wearing this ring when we do it.


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