New York Fashion Week in Review

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New York Fashion Week in Review

Our usual New York Fashion Week experience is one filled with traffic jams, missed shows and a whole lot of stress. But since the moving of the venues, we found this season to be a lot less panicky phone calls and a lot more sushi. (Dear Koi, thanks for keeping our table warm.)

Call it a well planned itinerary or just a blessing from the fashion Gods, but we (almost) made it to everything we intended to and managed to enjoy ourselves the entire time we were in New York City.

Maybe it was the fashion – dying for one Veronica Beard chambray short-suit in particular. Or maybe it was because this season we were joined by friends – Tommy and Alyssa automatically make everything better. Or maybe it was just because it wasn’t 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (We’ll take intermittent showers over blazing heat any day of the week.)

Whatever the case, this Fashion Week was one for the books.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Shop Picks:

This Fashion Week was one for the books.

In the post:

on Katie –  jacket: Paige Denim  |  necklace: Lena Bernard

on Lynsey –  necklace: Lena Bernard  |  top: Lou & Grey  |  glasses: Sorella + Tomboy KC

on Tommy –  shirt: Club Monaco  |  pants: Zara  |  shoes:  Fred Perry


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