Move Over Shampoo, It’s Dry Conditioner Time

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Move Over Shampoo, It’s Dry Conditioner Time

It’s been a few years now, but dry shampoo has pretty much taken over the market when it comes to lazy hair days. We’re addicted.  You’re addicted.  We’re all addicted to anything that makes getting up easier. So much so that debating the pros and cons of certain aerosol cans has monopolized more than one conversation.  It all seemed pretty cut and dry – dry being the operative word here.

But there is one thing we forgot in this whole scheme.  Sure, our hair might have been clean enough for government work, but how hydrated was it?  The answer is not.  Until now.

Enter dry conditioner – dry shampoo’s main wingman.  After dry shampoo soaks up all that excess oil from your days old blowout, dry conditioner swoops in and freshens up from midshaft to ends, making your hair look and feel fluffy and hydrated.  Sure, your hair may not be wet, but its dry days are officially over.

To apply dry conditioner, focus your dry shampoo on your roots and brush it through for an even application. Then, take the dry conditioner and concentrate spraying it from the midshaft (aka four inches from your roots) all the way down to your ends. Again, brushing it through. Leaving your hair sans oil but fully hydrated.  And you didn’t even have to step foot in the shower.  Talk about the perfect combination.

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Your hair may not be wet, but its dry days are officially over.

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  • Ok kind of loving that dry shampoo has a wing man, why did I never think of this?

    • Lynsey

      RIGHT?! It seems so obvious and yet…

  • Jess

    This is such a revelation. It took me a while to get the hang of dry shampoo with my curly hair (any instructions that start or end with brushing are doomed to fail) but I’ve finally figured it out. But I always end up having to spray in some type of gel to slightly tame the dry frizz (aloë vera and rose water gel helps) but conditioner sounds like a MUCH better option. Also that packaging looks lovely.


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