Move Over 2016, It’s 2017’s Turn

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Move Over 2016, It’s 2017’s Turn

Gave up coffee, had an anxiety attack, settled on decaf.

Made four trips to Los Angeles, three to Austin, returned to Fashion Week in New York, saw Reba in Vegas, partied with friends in Salt Lake City, married off a sister in Malibu, played on the beach in Newport, introduced a friend to London, visited family in Oklahoma, and rang in the New Year in Nashville.

Birthed a child. Named her Edith. Fell in love.

Watched a lot of documentaries, took a lot of photos, read a dozen books, went to hundreds of spin classes.

Decided to build a house (“We Built A House” content coming in 2017!).

Ate all of the queso.

Broke up with Instagram. Reluctantly took it back.

Threw a party on a bike with SoulCycle, learned how to relax at Lake Austin Spa, prepped for festival season with Urban Outfitters, had diamonds for breakfast with Helzberg Diamonds, celebrated my first mother’s day with Fossil, previewed a movie I won’t be alive to see with Louis XII Cognac, celebrated Fall with UGG, learned how to skip the colorist’s chair with dpHue, hunted for the perfect piece with Vestiaire Collective, decorated the Christmas tree with MacKenzie-Childs, and gave away thousands of dollars worth of gifts to readers like you.

Slept in a tent in the English countryside (it was cold). Went to a wedding on a ranch (it was beautiful).  Learned to cook and became obsessed with baking.

Interviewed friendsfashion iconssistersdesigners, and major girl crushes.

Made new friends, visited old friends, laughed a lot, cried more than ever, never regretted.

Take a hike 2016. It’s 2017’s turn.

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Birthed a child. Named her Edith. Fell in love.

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vest: Dries van Noten (old; similar here)  |  pants: Bec & Bridge (old; similar here)  |  turtleneck: Lou & Grey  |  sneakers: Reebock

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    Sounds like you had an awesome year! Hope 2017 is even better!


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