A Love Letter to the Blanket Coat

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A Love Letter to the Blanket Coat

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we think it only appropriate that we pen a love letter to our new favorite combo item – The Blanket Coat.

As with anything that combines two things we love into one (here’s looking at you McGriddle – yes, we said it), we don’t need much convincing to jump on the bandwagon and start organizing campaign events.  Hence this letter declaring our admiration and obsession with outwear that bears any resemblance to a throw.

Essentially a warm wrap-around blanket with sleeves, the blanket coat melds couch time with chic outerwear, thereby making it the most amazing thing to hit our closet since the Snuggie. It’s not as complicated as a poncho or a cape (which we also love but, let’s be honest, can be a bit difficult to wear without looking like you actually walked off the couch and out into the universe) and has a more chic aesthetic with that tinge of added structure.

Blanket coat, we love you.

We would venture to say that we all need a blanket coat in our lives, if only to wear on those days when the winter wind makes leaving the comfort of your sofa seem like the most unbearable of events.  It’s in these moments of desperation we need those wooly folds wrapped around us the most.

This one is from Zara (meaning, it’s likely no longer available), but we recently saw something similar at Express and, if you want to splurge, have been lusting after this one from DVF. We also love the striped pattern on this guy (not to mention its under $50 sale price).

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Which explains our obsession with the blanket coat.

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coat: Zara (also love this one)  |  jeans: Frame Denim  |  top: Rag & Bone  |  boots: Tom Ford (similar here) |  necklace: c/o Mignonne Gavigan


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