This Little Girls Room is All About the Wallpaper

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This Little Girls Room is All About the Wallpaper

Decorating a little girls room was sort of out of my comfort zone.  I am not a super feminine mom, so people have always laughed that Edie often looks like a boy, dressed in either blue, black or gray 90% of the time.

That said, I really wanted to make sure that this room was more about her than me and that all of the pieces in it wouldn’t need to be switched out too quickly (I’m talking, if we can make it to high school on most of this stuff, I am going to be feeling pretty good about it).

Just like with all of the rooms, we really want to get mileage out of things we already own. The good news here is that we pretty much already had all of the furniture pieces.

  • We bought her this trundle bed for her playroom a little over a year ago with the idea that it would be her “big girl bed” when the time came.  Well, the time has come and it’s working perfectly. It’s white with all white bedding and really fun and colorful pillows. Plus, I got it from Restoration Hardware Teen, so that pretty much means she’ll still want it by then, right?
  • We had a desk built-in and then used the Muuto shelves from her nursery above it.  Right now they are being used to store all of her books, but I see them overflowing with homework and pictures of her favorite boy band in the not so distant future (le sigh!).
  • The really amazing oversized picture of Alice in Wonderland we bought for her about six years ago (before we even knew she would ever exist). I think all little kids rooms should have a sense of whimsy about them and when I saw this picture, it was so gorgeous and fun, I had to have it either for my little girl or someone else’s.

Which brings us to the most important part: wallpaper.

I searched long and hard for the right wallpaper for this room.  Since it was for a kids room, I knew I wanted something removable (kids grow, tastes change) and fun but also something she could grow into.  Something a tween could love once Alice in Wonderland found her way to the attic.

So I started checking out Chasing Paper – pretty much the only way to go if you want removeable paper because the designs are chic and the paper is quality. I settled on a couple of options (Peonies in creamPeonies in redIkat in peach and Night Florals in navy) and ordered samples of each.

Everyone I asked had a different favorite, but for me the choice was pretty much made the minute I saw the gorgeous mix of blues and pinks of the Night Florals paper in person. It was exactly what I wanted.  It paired perfectly with what we already had, was just the right amount of little girl without being too childish and was modern enough to go with the rest of the house.

We decided to add wainscoting throughout the room in order to break up the paper and I have to say, I love it.  There’s just enough color and whimsy for it to feel like a place where you are supposed to be playing. Nothing about it is too perfect or done and I fully see how it will evolve once she gets a little older – remove Alice, swap the colored pillows for some navy and grays, etc.

Another one down! Now if I could just get someone to help me with the office…

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There’s just enough color and whimsy for it to feel like a place where you are supposed to be playing.

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wallpaper: Chasing Paper  |  bed: Restoration Hardware  |  bookshelves: Muuto  |  side table: Restoration Hardware  |  rug: Anthropologie (old, similar here)  |  sconces: Schoolhouse Electric  |  drapes: Restoration Hardware  |  unicorn doll: Jellycat


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