Lipstick for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Lipstick

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Lipstick for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Lipstick

Last night, I found myself at a beauty event yet again defending (alright, explaining) my no-nonsense approach to makeup.

Years ago I used to be somewhat embarrassed about the fact that I rarely chose to apply the stuff. Growing up in the South, making sure you had your lipstick and mascara on before you left the house was a way of life. So my whole, “I don’t have time for this” attitude about making myself “presentable” (my moms word, not mine) seemed counter-culture (at least to me).

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I just didn’t mind the way I looked without makeup. Sure, I had bags under my eyes 90% of the time, my skin was anything but perfect, and truthfully I looked better with it on than without, but the hours in my day felt so full that I just never found the time. I was more focused on getting rest, being punctual and being present than looking perfect. (Nothing irked me like waiting for a friend to finish “getting ready” while someone waited 20+ minutes for us to arrive at a meeting place.)

And so evolved my way of life and the never-ending search for beauty products that were easy to apply on the go. Because if they weren’t, I wouldn’t.

While mascara and concealer are the first things I apply when I find the time, sometimes I like to trade them all in for a good lip color (especially when jeans and a t-shirt are involved).  And while Chubby Sticks have been my low maintenance color of choice since I discovered them, I recently ran across Lancome’s Matte Lip Crayon’s and added them to the arsenal in bulk.

The pigment is a little more rich than your day-to-day Chubby Stick, making it perfect for evening or moments that call for a little more drama.  But it is just as lightweight and easy to apply.  The crayon effortlessly contours and perfects your lips, making the need for a lip liner or a gloss a thing of the past.  Which basically means you can apply it in the car before heading into your meeting and only need to carry around one thing in your purse – i.e., easy and portable, the two criteria I look for when purchasing makeup.

Needless to say, if lipstick is too complicated for you, chances are this isn’t.


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If lipstick is too complicated for you, chances are this isn’t.

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makeup bag: Pamela Barsky  |  lipstick: Lancome Matte Lip Crayon

  • I’m the same! I typically just use BB Cream (the tea tree one from the body shop is perfect), some mascara and chapstick. Have you found that the lip crayon stays on well throughout the day?

    • Lynsey

      I do. Plus, if I feel I need to add a little color the design of the crayon makes it super easy to apply on the go. Definitely still a big Chubby Stick fan for little splashes of color. But if I want the look of actual lipstick without all of the fuss, this is a game changer.

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    I’m pretty low maintenance with my makeup routine as well…especially on weekends. I’ve gotta check out Chubby sticks…


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