Lipstick for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Lipstick

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Lipstick for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Lipstick

Last night, I found myself at a beauty event yet again defending (alright, explaining) my no-nonsense approach to makeup.

Years ago I used to be somewhat embarrassed about the fact that I rarely chose to apply the stuff. Growing up in the South, making sure you had your lipstick and mascara on before you left the house was a way of life. So my whole, “I don’t have time for this” attitude about making myself “presentable” (my moms word, not mine) seemed counter-culture (at least to me).

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I just didn’t mind the way I looked without makeup. Sure, I had bags under my eyes 90% of the time, my skin was anything but perfect, and truthfully I looked better with it on than without, but the hours in my day felt so full that I just never found the time. I was more focused on getting rest, being punctual and being present than looking perfect. (Nothing irked me like waiting for a friend to finish “getting ready” while someone waited 20+ minutes for us to arrive at a meeting place.)

And so evolved my way of life and the never-ending search for beauty products that were easy to apply on the go. Because if they weren’t, I wouldn’t.

While mascara and concealer are the first things I apply when I find the time, sometimes I like to trade them all in for a good lip color (especially when jeans and a t-shirt are involved).  And while Chubby Sticks have been my low maintenance color of choice since I discovered them, I recently ran across Lancome’s Matte Lip Crayon’s and added them to the arsenal in bulk.

The pigment is a little more rich than your day-to-day Chubby Stick, making it perfect for evening or moments that call for a little more drama.  But it is just as lightweight and easy to apply.  The crayon effortlessly contours and perfects your lips, making the need for a lip liner or a gloss a thing of the past.  Which basically means you can apply it in the car before heading into your meeting and only need to carry around one thing in your purse – i.e., easy and portable, the two criteria I look for when purchasing makeup.

Needless to say, if lipstick is too complicated for you, chances are this isn’t.


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If lipstick is too complicated for you, chances are this isn’t.

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makeup bag: Pamela Barsky  |  lipstick: Lancome Matte Lip Crayon


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