What It’s Like to Get an Oxylight Facial

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What It’s Like to Get an Oxylight Facial

A few months ago, I tried a microcurrent facial during a stay at Lake Austin Spa and Resort. The treatment (dubbed a non-surgical facial), claimed to instantly tighten and restructure key areas of concern by using microcurrent technology. It sounded scary.  But being a glutton for punishment (pain is beauty!), I tried it anyway.

I only winced a few times during the procedure and after I saw the transformative results (seriously, I looked like I had a new face) I started researching at-home microcurrent devices.

They exist. They were expensive. I put one on my Christmas list.

It was during all of this research that I read about the Oxylight facial, which basically is the microcurrent facial on steroids.

The treatment kicks off with diamond microdermabrasion before moving into LED light waves, ultrasound, microcurrents, oxygen, and vitamin exfoliation. All in one hour.  Sure, this was basically double the intensity of my previous experience, but if the microcurrent worked so well on its own… just imagine.

So I ran down to The Spa at The Joule (my preferred spa in Dallas) where they were offering this miracle treatment and prepared myself for sixty minutes of therapy.

Everything started out pretty standard – microdermabrasion, some cleansing and lots of massage – before my beloved microcurrent was brought out. This time I was prepared for the light sensation that my hair was being pulled at the hairline and the mild metallic taste in my mouth. And though they were few and far between, I even relished in the little shocks and never experienced any real pain, remaining fully relaxed.

Bring on the LED.

The truth of the matter is, heading into this experience, I thought the microcurrent was the featured player on this stage only because I had never had LED light therapy.  I was wrong.  Way wrong.

LED is basically an infrared light, which thereby emits heat when activated. The benefits come from exposure to the light, so there is no actual machine-to-skin contact.  That said, the lights themselves are intense.  You wear little goggles to protect your eyes from the incredibly bright light, but even then it takes more than five minutes to get used to, especially if you have any anxiety (which I do).

Once I overcame my slight claustrophobia, it was a piece of cake—and I would do it 100 times over for the results.

So what were the results? When I left, my face was noticeably brighter, glowing and less congested. This is not an exaggeration. Microcurrent plus LED therapy equals the facial to end all facials.

Honestly, I can see where, if you did them in the recommended series of six every two weeks, you would leave feeling like you had face swapped Christy Brinkley circa 1990.


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Honestly, I can see where, if you did them in the recommended series of six every two weeks, you would leave feeling like you had face swapped Christy Brinkley.

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  • Raspberry_Swirl

    I’ve seen some at-home versions of LED which I’ve wanted to try…might give it a shot.

    • Lynsey

      I am totally researching that.


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