Where Are You Going?

Where Are You Going?

Dear Bloggers: I for one love photos of you pretending to hurriedly walk across streets and rush to faux meetings with your own personal paparazzi in tow. Your long strides show me how clothing will move in my slightly less graceful gait, and your pursed lips remind me that fashion is serious business. But in all of that time jaywalking, have you ever once stopped to ask yourself where it is that you are actually going? And why in the world you are trying to get there so fast?

If you’re anything like me, every step of your day is just one check-mark after another propelling you forward and on to the next. Exercise, make-up, fashion, work, cooking, skincare… A day filled with perfectly orchestrated to-do lists and attempts at self preservation. And yet, that isn’t life at all, is it? Life is about taking some time to reflect while your coffee steeps, playing dress-up with your friends and laughing while you drink wine and watch fireflies on the lawn. Life happens when you put your phone down and spend time with your family. When you pursue substance with the same intensity that you pursue frivolity. Life is about being kind to the person behind the counter and allowing yourself to make mistakes. Life is being in the moment, not having to own it. What a life we might lead if this is what our to-do lists looked like.

For nine years of my life I chased the practice of law, checking off boxes and reaching for goals someone else had set for me. I applied and went to law school, graduated and then practiced as an attorney for five full years. Nine years of my life I pursued the practice of law with such tenacity and passion and yet, never once did I ask myself where I was going and why. It wasn’t until I did that I realized I had no idea.

So perhaps out of some sense of duty or response to self reflection, while continuing to explore my purpose and find presence outside of my career, today I ask you: Where are you going and why are you trying to get there so fast?

— Lynsey Eaton

blouse: c/o Koch (similar here and here) / jeans: Frame Denim (similar here) / hat: David & Young / heels: Sophia Webster (similar here and here) / necklace: Dannijo (similar here and here) / clutch: DVF / rings: vintage and c/o BaubleBar



images by Josh Welch Photography

  • You look great!! Love this look!


  • Love the colorcombo of navy and denim 🙂
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  • Stacy

    Lynsey, your message of self-authorship is great! Something I try to instill in my students (I teach at a University) and remind myself of. Living authentically and doing the things that you like and care about are the most important. 🙂

  • If I’d had the foresight to really think a little more about where I was headed after I graduated high school, I also would have done things a little differently, dear Lynsey!! Don’t get me wrong – I love the job I do (working at an animal hospital) and my little, one-bedroom condo. But the more artistic, creative side of me has definitely been neglected, so I’m doing my best to “catch up” and nurture those yearnings!! There may yet be a career change in my future, too!! (P.S. I simply HAVE to get myself a pair of white pumps!!)


  • Louisa

    Lynsey, your best blog to date. Perfectly said. I don’t know if you are completely aware of the amount of inspiration you have given to your followers. Thank you thank you thank you. My eyes are a little more open after reading this…..


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