Let’s Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing in life that can’t be personalized. Or monogrammed. Plastering my initials all over everything from handbags to home goods has become my literal trademark. In fact, I’ve grown so accustomed to emblazoning my wardrobe with it’s own glorified “If Lost Return To” stickers, it never occurred to me putting your name on things you didn’t actually make was not standard behavior outside of the South. (Special thanks to my California-raised husband for enlightening me upon discovering the influx of new towels he wasn’t allowed to use – to replace the old towels with my old initials that, coincidentally, he also wasn’t allowed to use – after our nuptials.)

It would be easy to blame Texas for this incessant territory marking. But the truth is, I’ve always loved things that felt singular. Like they were made for me and not any old Joe who happened to pull out a credit card and make it to the checkout counter. They have life. Memories of where I was when I got them and who helped me come up with the right way to deface them. Catch phrases, nicknames, endeavors. When you arrive at the perfect personalization, it’s like the wardrobe equivalent of a historical marker.

One summer, friends and I had a t-shirt made and we covered it with inside jokes. Witticisms that were so laugh-out-loud hilarious, we couldn’t risk leaving them in 1999. Somewhere buried at the bottom of my gym drawer (molding from non-use, no doubt), that t-shirt lives on. The quips printed across the back were so hilarious even a t-shirt couldn’t help me remember what they meant, but spending that summer in the back of a bus laughing and snorting uncontrollably is one I’ll never forget. And I’ve got the stinky tee to prove it.

Happily, it looks like fashion has finally boarded the train to personalization with me. Thanks to thoughtful retailers, you can letter stamp your flats, hashtag your clutch and even monogram your Louis Vuitton monogram without taking it to your neighborhood seamstress. Not that I needed an enabler to mark my goods, but taking the work out of it gives me more time to think about what I want to say and how I want to say it. After all, that’s really the point, isn’t it?


When you arrive at the perfect personalization, it’s like the wardrobe equivalent of a historical marker.

In the post:

men’s blazer: vintage Dior (similar HERE, HERE and HERE)  |  t-shirt: c/o Heidi Merrick  |  jeans: J Brand  |  thigh high boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar HERE, HERE and HERE)  |  clutch: c/o Charlotte Max  |  watch: Daniel Wellington  |  necklace: Jenny Bird (obsessed with this one HERE)  |  cage ring: c/o Blaine Bowen  |  ring stack: Monica Vinader  |  lipstick: DHC Cosmetics “Bold Persimmon”


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