In My Bag

In My Bag

A few week’s ago Katie gave a peek into her hulking bag. And I say hulking because girl carries around EVERYTHING she might ever need (she wasn’t kidding when she says we call her the bag lady).  Thinking it might be worth showcasing what carryalls look like on the other side of the proverbial pond (OK, so really just the other side of the desk), I put together a little somethin’, somethin’ with everything I carry around on a daily basis.

I wish I could say I was always this organized, but having fluctuated between bowling balls for bags and mini clutches as often as middle-school girls change boyfriends, let it be known, I am not. I just so happen to be in an “oversized-clutch” state of mind and as such I am forced to leave my entire make-up bag in my bathroom. I’m sure when I move back into luggage totes and carryall’s my entire vitamin cabinet will find it’s way back into my handbag (until then, I just use this guy) amongst 3,000 receipts from purchases made four years ago and half-empty water bottles.

— Lynsey Eaton

clutch: c/o Jill Milan (we love this one for spring/summer) / iPhone case: Dannijo / lipgloss: Eve Lom, Mac Cosmetics and Chanel / perfume: Diptyque / emergency kit: similar here / earrings: vintage (similar here) / calendar: Tiffany & Co. (similar here) / wallet: YSL



images by Christopher Brown


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