Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

I try to give up coffee on a weekly basis. I say weekly because, usually, by the end of said week I am carrying around my Tory Burch thermos filled with the stuff like it holds the value of a Birkin bag. It’s a sick cycle that usually involves my coming to some caffeine induced realization (likely from too much coffee) that whatever article I just read about the negative effects of java was totally describing me; making a snap decision to forego the black mud altogether (presumably forever); battling the oncoming withdrawal symptoms (including massive earthquake-sized headaches); beating said symptoms; and then, almost immediately, deciding that if it was that easy to get past perhaps that article wasn’t about me after all and it probably wouldn’t hurt if I just had a cup of decaf here and there; which ultimately results in being right back to where we started, with me importing Novo Coffee from Denver (I swear there is nothing better) and going to extensive lengths in order to fill every inch of my being with its goodness. That is, until next week’s edition of 60 Minutes…

Here’s the thing: if it was only about giving up coffee, I honestly think I could do it. I have made it two months before (nothing short of a monumental achievement for me considering most of my meetings take place at coffee shops), but coffee alone isn’t the problem. I am not just addicted to coffee, I am addicted to the coffee culture. I am addicted to the social aspects of sitting around a coffee shop shooting the breeze with friends, early morning walks to Starbucks, and the sipping of warm liquid while I sit at my computer and ruminate on mundane topics before I post about them all over the web. It is nothing short of therapeutic for me and, frankly, it’s cheaper than seeing a therapist and more fun than working out. I have tried the tea thing and, while I still choose to go T instead of C on occasion, I have never been able to fully replace my morning cup of Joe. Besides, replacing hot coffee with hot tea wouldn’t be enough. I would have to find a new routine. A new social circle. A new career. I mean, what would I Instagram? My cup of water? You try it and tell me how many likes you get.

I desperately want to be the person that can go into the coffee shop and contentedly sit enjoying a gluten free muffin and caffeine free Lemongrass tea while friends all delight in macarons and an afternoon cappuccino. I would like to think it was possible for me to order a glass of juice from compressed greens as casually as I order a drip with room. I want nothing more than to be the woman at dinner with the perfectly messy hair and seemingly effortless figure ordering crudites and a cup of jasmine without stopping first to explore options of croissants and espresso. I do. I truly want that. I also want to be Alexa Chung.

But friends, if I learned anything from Mick Jagger (and man, he taught me a lot), it is that you can’t always get what you want. You can try sometimes, but you just might find, you get what you need. And the truth of the matter is, regardless of what I think I might want, right now I need a cup of coffee… Or an intervention.

— Lynsey Eaton

backpack: Elizabeth and James (less expensive option here) / jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim (a cool spring option here) / button-down: Nili Lotan / denim: Current Elliott / boots: Stuart Weitzman / rings: Loud Love Jewelry and c/o Earthy Chic Boutique

images by Stephen Bimson for TKC


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