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Katie Says Relax

I’ve been working some pretty long hours (see this post) and haven’t had much time for R&R. But sometimes you just have to force it. And if you have to force it, it probably means you really need it. So I hopped a plane to Dallas, called my girls and booked a few spa treatments.

When I walked into The Joule Hotel in Dallas the first words out of my mouth were, “What is this place and when can I move in?!”  OK, so I’m not too familiar with R&R, but I’m pretty sure The Joule is the destination for it. The place is a masterpiece – from the restaurant, to the spa, right down to the interior design (I’m still salivating over this lounge area, above).  I stopped in on the promise that someone there might be able to force me to relax, and relax is what I did.

Once I arrived I was pretty sure we had entered heaven. I went from from one amazing spa service to the next, visited the infrared sauna (which it is worth noting is large enough for a yoga class – I know, I tried it), swam in the indoor pool and then lounged around with a glass of champagne. I’m convinced, it has to be heaven.

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“What is this place and when can I move in?!”

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blazer: Wayne  |  t-shirt: ATM  | denim: J Brand  |  booties: Rag & Bone  |  necklace: Ashley Pittman  (similar here) |  handbag: Celine (less expensive option here)

  • This new layout is incredible! Lots to see but easy to use. Cool outfit too, chic and low key


  • Madison

    Loving the new layout! As always Ms. Cassidy has impeccable style!

  • Nora A

    You’re so inspiring! This blog is my favorite! And I’m obsessed with that jacket!


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