TKC Profile: Lacey Kondi

TKC Profile: Lacey Kondi

This isn’t the first time we have sung the praises of Kondi Callanetics. For us, the Kondi Method (an infusion of Callanetics, pilates and basic strength training) is not just a workout, but a way of life. Any workout that can be done while in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room) has our name written all over it. In cursive.  Recently, we sat down with our friend and Kondi Callanetics grand dame, Lacey Kondi, to chat about her love for Vancouver (where Kondi is based), plans for expanding Kondi studios (eh hem, Dallas please) and, most importantly, what we should all be wearing when we hit the gym. You know, the important stuff. Read on to get the full scoop from the uber bubbly (it’s all of those endorphins) master of exercise herself.

TKC: We know you are from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada but now live in Vancouver. In three words, although we know you could use a million, describe what it’s like to live in Vancouver for those who have never been?
LK: Ocean, beautiful and convenient.

TKC: Assuming you had the time, where would you go in Vancouver for a girls night out?
LK: I’m not a real nightclubber, but I do enjoy a nice dinner and some wine with my girls at a new restaurant or maybe a funky lounge. It’s all about the ambiance for me and we love to try new places.

TKC: Totally agree. It’s all about the food. Favorite meal?
LK: I love fresh colour food. Big bowl meals – grains, fresh and or sautéed veggies, chicken or fish, salsa, and guacamole all thrown together!

TKC: You seem like a risk taker. What would you say is the most daring thing you have ever done?
LK: I’ve gone sky driving and bungee jumping but I think the most daring thing I ever did was go out on my own and start my own studio. Walking away from a steady pay check and starting my own business was a big risk. I’m happy that I did it though!

TKC: Well now that you brought it up, it is no secret we are huge fans. What can we look forward to seeing from Kondi in the future?
LK: My studio in Vancouver is very busy, so much so that we are considering moving to a larger space. I also am really focusing on my fitness video website We are currently editing my new videos which will have some of my new exercise techniques such as TRX. I’m very excited about these!

TKC: This is a completely selfish question, but do you plan on expanding your studio to the states at some point?
LK: Yes, I certainly do. I have a growing number of members from the US on my online video site and my goal is to open a Kondi Studio there in the next few years.

TKC: Your body is killer. I am going to ask what every woman out there is thinking right now: How do you do it?! What is your favorite kind of workout and why does it work well for you?
LK: I think the key to my success as a trainer is that I truly do practice what I preach. All of the classes in my studio and in my videos are derived from my own personal workouts. I do H.I.I.T. for cardio, TRX for strength training, and Callanetics to stretch and sculpt. Those are the bases of my Kondi Method and it covers all you need to ‘Lengthen & Strengthen, Tighten & Tone.’

TKC: Alright, now on to the hard stuff: What do you wear when you workout?
LK: I’m very proud to say that I am a Lululemon ambassador and as a perk I get all sorts of great fitness clothes from them. Like most women, I’ve been wearing their pants and sports bras during workouts for years but their selection is amazing these days. They have all sorts of new materials and patterns. I absolutely love their clothes!

TKC: How would you describe your street style vs. workout style?
LK: I would describe my style as professional and comfort for both. As the owner of a fitness company, I know it’s important that I dress professionally and in fitness based apparel but comfort is also very important. Luckily, with Lululemon clothes I don’t have to sacrifice either of those. My street style is also comfort and professional based. I know that wherever I am and whatever I’m doing I am representing my business. I like the clothes I choose to fit well and feel good on. They need to make me feel strong and confident.

TKC: How has that changed over the years?
LK: I think when I was younger, like most women, I thought clothes that were more revealing made me feel more confident or sexy and I would sacrifice comfort. But I learned that I feel the most sexy when I’m comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing.

TKC: Could not agree more. With that said, how do you describe your personal style?
LK: Well I feel like I spend 90% off my day in fitness apparel so I’d say you’d have to call me ‘sporty’. I do enjoy dressing it up when I go out for dins or to hit up the town with my ladies… A nice bag and boots are my go to’s!

TKC: Who do you take style advice from at home?
LK: Honestly, I get a lot of style tips and ideas from my younger sister, Lisa. She’s very fashionable and I always seem to be asking her “Where did you get that from?”

TKC: Here’s a fun one: What is the one trend you tried that you should have just let pass you by?
LK: Well I would have to say flared jeans, pants, and workout pants. These were in-style for awhile but I think I over extended the trend for a bit too long!

TKC: Watch out, they might be making a comeback! Ha! What do you think the difference between “fashion” and “style” is?
LK: I feel that fashion is something that is partially decided for you, where style is very personal. Two people can where the exact same item of clothing in two very different ways. Style truly lets you be an individual.

TKC: Alright, last question. Any beauty tricks for ladies headed to the gym for a good sweat sesh?
LK: It’s more of a tip I suppose, but I recommend little to no make up in gym. Maybe a little mascara and a nice lip gloss, that’s all you need.

top: Lululemon (similar here; we also love this jacket) / sports bra: Lululemon / pants: Lululemon (similar here) / tennis shoes: Nike / water bottle: Kondi Fitness (another cute one here)

images by Lynsey Eaton for TKC


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