Andrea Linett Wants You to Invest in Your Jewelry Box

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Andrea Linett Wants You to Invest in Your Jewelry Box

When it comes to avoiding trends and creating a style that is effortlessly cool, Andrea Linett wrote the book (literally). As founding Creative Director of Lucky Magazine and the author of new book The Cool Factor, there is no better individual to serve as jewelry destination Iconery’s Creative Director.  

Iconery’s mission is to make fine jewelry accessible. Together with Ivka Adam, Linett is setting out to get individuals investing in their jewelry box again. With making memorable investments in mind, we caught up with Linett to see where we should start and what pieces she would recommend to wear as staples for every part of our lives.

WORK: I like bold pieces at the office like our Arc Ring stacked with the diamond infinity bands — they look strong and turn a classic office suit into something a little cooler and more glamorous. Mara Carrizo Scalise’s chunky chain necklaces and bracelets are always great with more tailored clothing, like  great menswear shirt rolled up to the elbows.

WEEKEND: I love layering a bunch of necklaces over thin, draped tees. Mara Scalise’s cool chains and horn pendants mixed with some of Elisabeth Bell’s pieces add a little rock ’n roll edge.

DATE NIGHT: It’s good to have something that’s a bit of a conversation piece, like a great ear climber, Stone Fox Bride’s sexy Snake necklace or Mara Carizzo Scalise’s Long Box Chain or Dew Lariat, which all look great with a lower cut tee or open blouse.

GIRLS NIGHT: This is a time to let loose and have fun, so  I love pieces like our Luv Aj kite chokerDaryl K’s tough and chunky Hex diamond stackable rings and Lena Wald’s mismatched studs in lots of ear holes. These add a little fun to jeans and a tee or even a girlie dress.

NEVER TAKE OFF: I love all of our sentimental pieces like the Dainty Nameplate necklace, Diamond infinity band and Naomi Gray Date necklace. They’re all small enough to keep on with all of your other jewelry moods (chunky, sexy, etc.) and they work with anything you might be wearing.”

Andrea Linett

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I love layering a bunch of necklaces over thin, draped tees.

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Mara Carizzo Scalise’s Long Box Chain  |  Elisabeth Bell’s Claw Necklace


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