What’s In My Bag: Meg He

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What’s In My Bag: Meg He

There’s almost nothing we love more than creeping through others handbags. It’s like going on a safari in a jungle filled with nothing but true necessities, must-have accessories and year-old receipts. What better way to discover new product than to weed through what someone else feels like is necessary to tote around all day? Right?! So what does activewear brand ADAY’s co-founder Meg He keep with her? When you founded an athleisure brand all about making clothes that fit into our busy lives, you’re bag better be able to keep up. Keep reading to find out how she stays ready for anything and be sure to check out her full #TKCProfile here

“My whole philosophy on what to bring with me is to be ready for anything at any time. I use a Everlane Twill Snap Backpack in Olive. It’s been with me everywhere — from Kyrgyzstan to the Philippines — and fits a laptop, two changes of clothing and all of my staples. 

I always have my passport on me in its Smythson case, so I’m ready to go no matter what happens (and buying flights spontaneously is a favorite hobby of mine). My key chain is also by Smythson, a monogramed gift from a previous lover. I also have a clear plastic case (travel friendly) with an iPhone Lightning cable, a micro USB cable, spare headphones, three mini adapters (US, Europe, UK — my worldwide charger lives in my carry-on bag) and a spare Anker battery. There, now you’re prepped for the apocalypse.

I love bright lipsticks and Heat Wave by NARS and Pink Nouveau by Mac are two of my staples; they can change any look for you at any time. My day to evening transition is there is none — I rarely bring anything out for the evening beyond keys, a phone and a credit card, which I like to tuck into a dress with pockets or a coat pocket. All of it perfectly fits with the ADAY lifestyle.”

— Meg He

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My whole philosophy on what to bring with me is to be ready for anything at any time.

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backpack: Everlane  |  fingerless gloves: similar here  |  passport cover: Smythson  |  heart key chain: Smythson  |  clear makeup case: similar here  |  lipstick: NARS ‘Heat Wave


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