I Love My Magazines, But…

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I Love My Magazines, But…

I’ve been reading Vogue and Harper’s since before I was even actually able to read, really. I remember borrowing my mother’s copies and flipping through the pages, always in awe of how glamorous everything seemed. I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to buy all of the perfectly styled “adult clothing” I saw in the magazines. I developed a taste for Dior and Saint Laurent long before I was old enough to understand that I may never actually be able to afford any of it. I was just this little girl, living in this Vogue fantasy, if you will.

Over twenty years later and I’m still a print addict. Even as the entire world turns more and more towards the web, I still look forward to getting my monthly issues of Vogue, Elle, New York, and Bazaar. Sure now I may actually read the articles, but I still feel like that same little girl in awe of all the sartorial beauty. Just like when I was ten, the imagery is what I mainly like to focus on. I can read all the copy online, but the digital images, to me anyway, are just not the same.

So although many disagree, I do believe that there is still a strong need for the print magazine—I’d be miserable without my hard copies. To be honest, I might be living in the past, but if it were up to me everything would still in print, and there would be no digital magazine world (this coming from a purely digital fashion writer), no social media, and maybe even no internet.

That’s blatantly not the case, though. Yet instead of fighting against it, I’ve learned to embrace it. Hell, I’ve even made a career out of it. If there were no such thing as fashion websites and style blogs, who knows where I’d be in my life. And even forgetting about all the jobs the internet has created in the fashion industry, it’s also done something amazing for the world: it’s made fashion accessible to all. You don’t need to have a monthly subscription to Vogue, all you need is a few minutes online and you can learn anything and everything about clothing and style.

Isn’t that what fashion has become about? It’s no longer meant to be elite, exclusive, and accessible to only a very select group. Today, fashion is supposed to be universal. There’s just no room for snobbery. So as much as I may worship a Vogue editor, I know we’d be nowhere without the Leandra Medine’s and Susie Lau’s of the world. Those women, among so many others, have done so much to transform fashion, and they are as equally important as Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour—I couldn’t imagine a fashion week without them. They are the inventors of street-style and our gurus for real-life outfit ideas. They are the women who taught us that style isn’t about how much money you spend on your clothing.

We need them. I need them. I need them as much as I need Vogue. And the truth is that there needs to be room for everyone, at least right now anyway. As much as I may dread it, it’s quite possible that in ten years from now there will be no such animal as a printed magazine. But right now it still exists, and I appreciate it just as much as I appreciate the self-made style blogging stars. I mean honestly, we have the best of both worlds at the moment—so what exactly is there to complain about?

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I mean honestly, we have the best of both worlds at the moment—so what exactly is there to complain about?

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