Gossip Girl Makeup Artist Amy Tagliamonti’s Top 5

Gossip Girl Makeup Artist Amy Tagliamonti’s Top 5

We know we aren’t the only ones watching re-runs of Gossip Girl and lusting after Blair’s perfect skin while pressing pause to try and figure out how Serena managed to make her eyes look so damn smoky. What is that, charcoal?  While we are fairly good at enlarging images (yep, definitely charcoal), there is only so much one can deduce from pressing one’s face up to the television screen. For example, where are the shots of Lily’s skincare routine?  They don’t exist, that’s where. So  instead of giving ourselves a serious case of eyestrain and wasting time speculating about fictional character’s go-to’s, we decided it best to just call up Gossip Girl makeup guru Amy Tagliamonti and have her break it all down for us. All in all, it seemed like a much more reasonable approach.

It’s safe to say Amy knows a little thing or two about making a girl look good – the three time Emmy Award winning makeup artist’s work can also be seen on The Carrie Diaries, Saturday Night Live and the new HBO television series The Leftovers. And as far as we are concerned, who better than Queen A to help us get a makeup drawer that rivals that of Queen B? Without further ado, here are the five items Amy says we can’t live without.

1. Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Sculpting Powder
This shading and contouring powder is truly amazing. It is the perfect shade to create a natural, soft and realistic contour to shape and slim anyone’s face. I love it because it is effective yet gentle, so it doesn’t create that creepy artificial look a lot of contouring products unfortunately do. I love products that work great on screen and off.

2. Stila Convertible Color Blush
This versatile cream blush, which can also be used on lips and eyelids, is a fantastic way to get translucent pops of color on your cheeks that look youthful and pretty. It comes in a number of colors and always looks gorgeous. Because it is sheer it still lets your natural beauty shine through but it can be built up for a more dramatic feel if desired. I specifically love the colors Sweet Pea (bright pink) and Poppy (deep berry). They look intense at first but used very gently create the most beautiful sheen of color that brightens everyones complexion.

3. Clinique Brush on Cream Liner
This is a mainstay in my kit. I use the tiniest eyeliner brush (not the one it comes with) with this little pot of perfection to create smooth, long lasting, eye defining lines. It is waterproof and truly stands up during long days on set. If you use a slightly thicker eyeliner brush before it dries you can create a smudgier, smokier look. Although there is not an extensive color range with this gel liner, I am okay with that because what they do have performs so well. True Black is my go to.

4. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
This dynamic concealer is truly awesome. They come in small tubes for a reason, a little goes a long way. They have an incredible color range and I often mix colors to get just the perfect tone since everyone’s face is so specific. They have incredible coverage for dark circles, uneven skin color, spot coverage and it can even be mixed with foundation or moisturizer. I find it very adaptable and know it is a product I can rely on.

5. Tarte Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatment
I love, love, love this eye cream. It is filled with all sorts of natural goodness that helps fight the signs of aging and skin damage. It is one of my favorites because it hydrates and brightens the delicate under eye area without being overly thick or greasy which allows any makeup you put on after to stay but still continues to moisturize.”



image courtesy of Amy Tagliamonti

  • Michelle

    Wow-Amy Tagliamomti is amazingly talented!! GG was lucky to have her on set. Those 3 Emmy Awards she received are well deserved!!! Excellent article:)


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