Giveaway: Skechers Boots

Giveaway: Skechers Boots

There is no doubt about it that fall is all about boots.  Short ones, tall ones, black ones, brown ones, heeled ones, flat ones… One can never have too many.  Which is why we thought we should share the love (or in this case, the boots) with those we care about the most. That’s right people, it’s giveaway time.  Consider this our way of saying thank you for all of the support you have sent our way over the last six weeks. (Yes, it has only been six weeks. We can’t believe it either. It feels like we have known each other our whole lives…)

With the help of SKECHERS and the CW (home of this little show you might have heard of called Arrow), Tomboy KC is giving away THREE pairs of SKECHERS boots to TOMBOY KC readers. Yep, three.  Winners will each have their choice of one of the three pairs of killer black boots below, subject to availability.  Excited yet? You should be.

Here’s all you need to do and know:

1. Two pairs of SKECHERS will be given away through (one pair apiece to two different entrants). To enter, just leave one comment below. Maybe tell us what you love most about Laurel this season on Arrow (shameless plug), or which pair of boots you would pick if you win.

2. A third pair of boots will be given away through the CW/Arrow Facebook page. Be sure and check there throughout the day for information on how to enter!

3. The giveaway on Tomboy KC will close next Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT, and our winners will be chosen via

4. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to readers located in the United States or its territories. To all of our international readers, we will get you next time.  We promise!

Good luck!

Giveaway/sweepstakes rules: No purchase or payment necessary. Limit one entry per person. Sweepstakes is only open to entrants located in the United States or its territories. Each prize is valued at $90 apiece. Chances of winning do not increase by purchasing products from SKECHERS, by visiting or subscribing to any of SKECHERS’ social media channels, or by entering multiple comments below. By entering this sweepstakes, the entrant acknowledges that they are eligible for this sweepstakes according to all laws set forth by their home state or country. Entrants who do not meet these criteria will be disqualified. Winner is liable for any taxes associated with the prize. The promotion period for this giveaway will close on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT and a winner will be chosen via sometime between October 31 and November 4, 2013. The winner will be contacted privately and Tomboy KC may choose not to publish the winning entry on this site. If the winner fails to claim their prize within two weeks of notification, another winner will be selected from eligible entries. A list of winner(s) will be available within 2 business days of the close of the sweepstakes, by request, and available for 6 months thereafter. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes sponsored by SKECHERS.

Tomboy KC is giving away THREE pairs of SKECHERS BOOTS to TOMBOY KC readers. Yep, three.

  • Heather Brittany

    Oh boots boots boots… nothing I love more about fall than boots! Diggin the spikes… always love my shoes to have a little extra attitude. Laurel’s hair… killin’ it this season!! Xx

    • Lyn

      This season I’m loving how cunning Laurel is becoming. Last season has definitely sharpened a few edges. I am definitely on the edge of my seat to see if deceit will be the rise or fall of Laurel. Cheers to the writers, cast, and crew!

  • Kaitlin E.

    My favorite thing about Laurel this season is her fabulous hair no matter the circumstances, and I would definitely choose a dark leather combat boot if I win!

  • Danielle Emery

    I would choose the boots with the spikes!

  • Carrie Horton

    Ugh I want those combat boots so badly! My favorite thing about Laurel this season has been how she hasn’t been afraid to call The Hood out on his behavior from last season and how she had his number in episode 2!

  • Tina

    I love the Boots!! I have to have the black combat Boots!!!

  • Desi

    I love the black combat boots in the middle! Very edgy!

  • Dantam

    I’m in love with the middle pair! You can literally pair black combat boots with anything during the Fall. I also loooove Laurel this season! Her new hair color is fantastic & I’m excited to see how she reacts to Tommy sacrificing his life for her. And hopefully she gets back w/Ollie (Please!!).

  • I would totally choose the quilted leather boot if I win! xx

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’m liking the second boots, the distressed combat with buckles no spikes or quilted leather.

  • The combat boots in the middle. Channeling Daria 100%.

  • ali

    i love the center boots! i love how Laurel styled her boots, just like those in the middle/center of the photo, and would like to try that too. thank you,

  • Cortney

    Looove the quilted detail on the first pair of boots !

  • Diane

    International readers and followers re left behind, as usual. I cannot order Aerosoles ballet flats cause I am far beyond the US territory and I cannot watch CW series on their web site cause it is not allowed for non-US ppl, I cannot even meet Katie cause I don’t live in Van city. #sad

    • Zi

      feel ya 🙁

  • Ashley

    The boots are all fabulous! What I love about Laurel this season is how she is with Oliver. She understood his need to get away, she now fully understands his regret in betraying her through her own regrets, and she stands up for him when others are determined to “crucify” him.

  • Becky R

    Wow, those are some darn fine looking boots!

    My favourite thing about Laurel this season is her determination to catch The Arrow, and the fact that she doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Her badassness is one of her best qualities. I’ve always been Team Laurel and I always will be, and I love that she is kicking ass and taking names this season! Fingers crossed she gets to Black Canary it up in Starling City sometime soon!

  • Andie

    Good luck everyone!! 🙂 You’ll love your new Skechers, I promise. Unfortunately I’m NOT located in the US – go pity me! – yet I’d love to say how much I enjoy this blog – just as much as Arrow. Needless to say. Huge fan. 😉 Much love! XO

  • Marthalynn

    I’m boot obsessed right now, so this is perfect timing! I just clicked on the link to go to Skechers and killed an hour looking at all of the different styles. I’m loving all the options, but I have to say my favorite pair is the Women’s SKCH Plus 3: Cheeky. Of the three you posted, I think the quilted pair is my pick!

  • Susan

    Love all the booths. My favorite are the ones on the left. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Laurels character on the show. I think since Tommy died we’re going to see…we are seeing a whole new side of her. A more complex direction for her character. Which is great. Her guilt for his death is going to be the pinnacle of who she becomes, at least in this season. I just hope that she can realize it wasn’t her fault and that she can grow from it. Her anger capitalized on this week’s episode where she doesn’t blame arrow anymore shes blaming herself for his death. I hope for two things from this. I hope she realizes its not her fault. She should forgive herself and move on so she can become the person that she needs to be. Second I hope that she can realize the arrow is a good person and he’s trying to do good things and make the city a better place. And that she has a hand in that role.

  • Susan

    *boots … sorry I’m on my cell instead of pc. Thanks. Good luck everyone!

  • LOVE the boots in the middle w/ the laces!

  • It’s hard to choose just one, but I love the quilted pattern on the far left!

  • Angela Mikre

    I love the ones in the middle… ass kicking boots!!!

  • Amy

    I would choose the boots on the left! Really cute.

  • I love the bootsssssss follow my blog

  • nicole

    Just started watching Arrow this season (because of this blog!!) and love it. So far I can see that the women on the show, especially Laurel, are incredibly strong willed, independent, and courageous. In times of crisis they stand up to the plate instead of backing down. It’s definitely inspiring/empowering to see these types of women portrayed on TV as opposed to a lot of other iffy shows that are out there.

    Hands down would pick the distressed combat boots.

  • Shane Mehta

    Definitely the laced up combat boots!

  • Michelle

    I am loving all of these boots! And based on this weeks episode I’m loving Laurel again, but I wish she could have been black canary!!

  • Lisa

    I am loving Lauren’s hair this season! On a deeper note I am loving how she is processing everything that has happened in her life and last season- can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.
    The middle pair of boots looks rugged- perfect for the weekends this fall!

  • Alyssa

    I would choose the first pair of boots. The quilted pattern is very chic and would look great with my style!

  • Megan Gohres

    I am in love with the quilted ones! Simple and edgy all at the same time.

  • Molly

    I like the boots with the spikes!

  • Emily N.

    I’d probably choose the studded boots.

  • Madeleine

    Those quilted biker boots would feel so at home in my closet. There’s nothing like a fabulous pair of simple-enough boots to become your Fall footwear go-to.

  • Marcela

    I love laurel’s righteous attitude this season, she commands what she wants in her personality and style. Inferior to all!!! I would love to have the opportunity to win the middle combat boots. They rock!!!!

  • The middle pair, no question! Classic!

  • Joselin

    Loving the boots in the middle! I love Laurel’s personality and determination in the show. Not to mention, she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Alex

    I am in love with the quilted black boots! They are seriously a must have!!!

  • Terri

    My Fall Season Boot Dilemma: Finding a right brown booty with just the right heel or long boot or finding a pair of fashion combat boots while resisting the temptation to break out my ole’ polishing kit from basic training! Use to love getting that spit shine!

  • Stacie

    The combat boots are my fav! Must have in any season’s wardrobe

  • I haven’t seen any episodes yet this season, but I can’t wait to watch! I love Laurel/KC!

  • Ann

    The combat boots are pretty awesome! Great Blog!

  • Brittany

    i would love the combat boots!!

  • Stella

    loving the combat boots and especially the quilted boots (i haven’t seen very many of those, and i’m all for a unique wardrobe)

  • rebecca marges

    What I love about Laurel is that she is finally coming into her own!! Discovering who she is ! And becoming stronger every episode!

  • Opie

    (Dinah) Laurel Lance *IS* Black Canary. Yet, right now on Arrow, she is not (I have a pretty strong guess who is right now – although I don’t see how that is possible). I can’t wait until whenever it is we get to see LL/BC kick some butt. Oh, and I like black boots.

  • Jennifer

    I love Laurel’s hair!

  • Taylor Z

    Laurel’s fabulous hair in this season is killin itttt!! I would definitely pick the ones with spikes… Love em!

  • Liana

    I’ve been lusting after a pair of combat boots for this autumn/winter and these look good!!!

  • Andrea

    Laurel is an inspiration to girls who want to work as lawyers and DA’s. She is also a strong willed woman and is inspirational to everyone around her. I would love having Laurel as a friend. She is always there for Oliver and for her friends. She never gives up on trying to catch the hooded figure and that says that she is persistent.
    If I win at random, I would choose the boots with the strap on the top. The boots in the middle.

  • Heidi

    My son and I watch Arrow every Wednesday… It’s our date night! We’re so glad that Laurel finally came to her senses last night, and realized that Tommy’s death wasn’t Green Arrow’s fault. Now when will she learn Oliver is Green Arrow? 🙂

  • Jacqui

    Arrow has been amazing this season! I love the strength Lauren is showing against “The Hood” and how she is still great friends with Oliver! She is as strong as ever in this season! Excited to see how it goes! Her development over the first season was great, and after Tommy’s death I am so glad to see she is not depressed, but making more out of herself! If I were to win, I would love a pair of the “Mix-Up boots from Steve Madden” the pair that is median size with two buckles on top!

  • livivua

    i love the nordstrom!

  • Laurel is an amazing character! She is strong in so many ways but she is very naive to the world around her. She tends to hold things in and it eats her alive, but she always comes out on top after all the things she has been through. She makes me want to be a woman who stands up for what she believes in and makes me shine light on things that I never looked at twice. She is very inspiring!! My favorite boots are the middle which they look like black combat boots. I’ve never invested in boots before but these completely rock! Would definitely look cute with black leggings and a tutu dress! 🙂

  • jessica M

    The middle boots rock – love them

  • Nu

    I love the boots in the middle! And I’m loving Arrow this season 😀

  • Stephanie

    This week’s episode was a favorite. They finally gave Laurel something to do! I thought her character really did shine this week, her connection with her father and blaming Arrow for Tommy. She’s headstrong and it seems to have gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past and she’s finally realized other people might pay a price. I look forward to the writers developing her more!

  • I’m not from the United States, so I don’t fit the requirments (I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands), but I don’t mind! It’s always raining here, so I practically live in boots! I would definitely pick the middle ones for myself, I start a search for them! I just wanted to tell you that I’m completely in love with your blog! It’s so amazing that you can reflect your own personality and style into this blog and turn it into something unique. I really hope that Laurel will manage to fight her demons and be badass again! (and hopefully move on from Oliver and Tommy and go get a new and better guy!) Keep the amazing work up! Lots of love, G xx

  • Rachel

    I would totally choose the quilted leather boots! Super cute =D And loving the new season of Arrow. It’s the best show on TV right now. Laurels character is my fave love her willpower and new hair is amazing!

  • Tara P.

    I love the studded boots – I’ve been trying to incorporate a little “rock ‘n roll” as I call it, into my wardrobe this season. Even at 40 years old, I still want to have fun with fashion! Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Elise C

    I like the pair in the middle with the buckle and lace ups.

    As for what I like about Laurel, I’ve loved her since her Supernatural days. For her character in Arrow, I think she plays the part really well; a dedicated, law-abiding attorney that wants the best for the city that she lives in.

  • latanya

    I like the Women’s Accented – Quilted boots

  • Emily

    Love those boots! And as for Laurel, I love that she knows what she wants. She’s very determined. Also glad she decided to end things with Ollie after Tommy died.

  • rachel

    Oooh la la! New boots! I like mine sleek and shiny. 🙂

  • Larah

    The scene with Laurel and her dad on “Broken Dolls” was absolutely heartbreaking though I won’t spoil it for others. After everything Laurel has gone through, it is amazing to see how strong she has held up through these first few episodes. I have a feeling this latest realization is going to be a new journey for the character.

  • I love that Laurel is a smart and caring person! Also kudos to her for knowing how to knock a guy out; the girl can fight!

  • Melissa S.

    I would choose the Alfie boots, LOVE them!!! I’m loving Laurel’s hair this season and her clothes have been beautiful and I always look for the nail color she’s got on. Love, love, love nail polish! This season has been great!

  • Omg I want the middle ones pretty please:)))) thank you! I love arrow its so intese always ends on a cliffhanger which I love btw I want to see laurel’s sister sara in the near future I want to know her side of the story and I hope she isn’t dead

  • I ADORE the women’s alfie!

  • Lulu

    Oh my gosh I love the ones in the middle! I’ve been looking for some boots and these are exactly what I was looking for! (Good luck everyone!) 🙂

  • Kristin

    I LOVE the combat boots! And Laurel’s wardrobe is fabulous!

  • Gisela

    I absolutely LOVE me some boots! I only have one pair and they would love to have another pair to join the party lol! I love Laurel this season! She isn’t putting up with anymore shinanagans. She is more determined and is a bad ass this season. She wants to take down the Arrow so bad, not realizing this is in a way a sort of vengeance in itself Although she is still angry and grieving, her heart is still in the right place. Oh and isn’t her hair just fabulous this season? 😉

  • Nas

    I love Laurel’s strength and fashion sense on Arrow. I could only hope to look at good in a pair of TKC spiked boots!

  • Amy

    My favorite thing about Laurel so far this season is seeing her go through the stages of grief in such a raw way. It’s a very human performance that brings her to another level as a character.

  • Yuna

    I would pick the studded biker boots in a heartbeat!!

  • NUR

    it’s so sad because im not from us!!! i ReALLY love all that boots!…urghH………by the way Katie you such a great actress, and I really hope LAUREL LANCE will becomes Black Canary and work better the romance between her and Oliver. She is a strong woman and she take care of people who needs help IN ARROW..I don’t care people get compare you and felicity,laurel lance is strong and important character in this show and I hope the writers give her more to do!!! and i hope we’ll see Dinah LauREL lanCE in ARROW 3!!!!!!!! katiE caSSidy/laUREL make this show worth to watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok im done xx

  • Georgina

    It’s a shame the competition is only open to people living in the US 🙁 I check the site every day and would have loved to enter! xo

  • I would totally pick the ones on the far right with the studs! so rocker chic for fall & winter!

  • Laurel is just perfect; from her wits to her perfect business attire she (Katie) just blows off this confidence. I have a pair of combat boots so I think I’d go with the studded or padded boots. Love this site!

    xo – Cristina

  • Libby

    Love the studded boot! I’ve not yet seen Arrow, but I’m going to check it out. Just set it up on my DVR.

  • Kelly

    I love the spiked ones!!! Very badass – just like Laurel! I love how she sticks to her beliefs no matter what; she’s very brave.

  • Brittany

    LOVE the quilted ones!

  • Melissa Farwell

    Would TOTALLY choose the pair of boots that KC is wearing in the post!

    Laurel has really come into her own in this season of Arrow. She’s more confident and sure
    of herself. Quite honestly, ALL the gals on ARROW (Thea & Felicity) are following those footsteps this season!
    Kickin’ butt and takin’ names! (with their boots on, of course)

    <3, <3, <3 ARROW. I watch the show each week with all my men..hubby and 3 sons. (They all secretly wish
    they were Oliver Queen) 😉

    I just wish I had KC's wardrobe….LOL!

  • Free For All

    Except for Roy, most of the men Laurel has to deal with are over 6 feet tall.
    I love the doe-eyed look on her face as Laurel looks up in the more tender
    (and a couple heated) moments on the show. Very expressive eyes.
    (and I like the studded boots on the right)

  • Kia

    No one can rock boots better than Laurel 🙂 I love the show and she has awesome clothes!!!! I would pick the studded boots!

  • Chelsea W

    I LOVE the combat boots. Have always wanted a pair but could never find the right ones (or affordable ones). These are perfect!

  • Jen

    You are right! We could never have enough boots! Love the Alfie 🙂

  • Anita

    i would select the lace-up pair… and inspired by badass toughie Laurel this season… :O)

  • Fi

    Laurel Lance is more then just Oliver Queen’s ex, which she’s reference a lot in in the media. She’s a lawyer who been through a lot of hardships, but yet keeps going on. Even when she had all the guilt from her world on her shoulders, (Don’t want to spoil anyone so no details) She still dusted herself off, got a new attitude, even if misplaced, and kept going. Boots are made for walking and that’s something she always seems to be able to do.

    Women’s AWOL – Cute Combat

  • drew

    Combat boots. Enough said. A staple for every female’s wardrobe!

  • Denise Carl

    Love all boots! I’m going to have to take my time selecting….

  • Anabel

    Wow! First off, great giveaway!! This is such a great blog- I love it to pieces. Boots to the far right need to be mine!

  • TH

    the quilted boots look so divine!!!!

  • Loving the combat boots!! Must have for Fall.

  • I love Laurel! I noticed the orange/peach theme in the clothes worn by Laurel and Thea on the season opener.
    I am so glad that boots are back in. I have a pair of boots I’ve been wearing since the late 90’s. They work great with skirts when I perform in my Irish Punk Band (Screw City Saints). I have even worn them with pants to court when there is a lot of snow (I’m a divorce attorney). Did I mention I have skull laces in them?

  • Sarah

    Boots are high on my list of favorite things! My favorite boots from the three is probably the middle one, “Alfie Lace-Ups.”

    As someone said earlier in the comments, the raw emotions coming from Laurel as she deals with her grief have been very realistic this season. Watching the scene with her and her father when she says it’s her fault Tommy died had me in tears. This sounds like the writer’s might be ready to deepen Laurel’s character growth? 🙂 Excited to see what comes!

  • Heather

    Dying for those sketchers combat boots! Perfect bit of edge for my fall and winter sweaters!!

  • Neshii S

    Thank you SO SO SO much for Giveaway! I would LOVE to win the boots that are directly in the middle(combat).!


  • Cassandra Ficiciyan

    I love Laurel, its funny to say i have loved Katie since first seeing her on gossip girl, and i just started watching Arrow and i am very happy to say very hooked on it. She so pretty.

  • Melaney R

    lovin the middle pair and the spikes! loving laurel’s attitude and outfits this season!

  • Laurie

    I would choose the quilted boots. I love the quilted look for fall the year. And Katie Cassidy is the only reason I started watching Arrow and Laurel is the only reason I keep watching each week! I love that Laurel is a smart, take-no-prisoners lawyer who always looks cute!

  • kris c

    I would definitely pick the combat boots if I won.

    And I love all of the growth and emotional phases that Laurel goes through, this season and last. All of the denial and grief stages she goes through are so real. I love it all. Arrow is definitely my favorite series! The cast is fantastic and the plot and characters are amazing. Keep up the good work, guys! Can’t wait for my mind to be blown every week!

  • stephanie

    would definitely take the pair in the middle

  • Kathleen

    Love you on Arrow! Love boots!

  • iarina

    absolutely love the spike boots! laurel’s awesome, looking forward to seeing more of her this season 🙂

  • cate

    I love everything about Laurel, soo, I really would love to own that first pair of boots.

  • bicky nguyen

    I love how Laurel is being so strong this season! Starting by hunting down the Hood and dealing with the death of Tommy, I admire her strength. I hope we see more of her this season!

  • bicky nguyen

    I would definitely choose the combat boots if I won.

    I love how Laurel is being so strong this season! Starting by hunting down the Hood and dealing with the death of Tommy, I admire her strength. I hope we see more of her this season!

  • 1. Laurel, this season, is incredible. Before, she needed to be saved by “The Hood”. She was seemingly weak and fragile. Suddenly, this season, she is strong and steely; going directly at “Arrow” and almost bringing him down. She has turned a corner in her life, and I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

    As for boots, I’ll let my wife choose, but I bet it will be the quilted.

  • Lowana

    So far this season Laurel is finally letting the loss of her loved ones surface. She seemed to “together” last year. That hardass exterior is actually an awesome spin on her sweet, soft character from last year. She has some balls and it’s awesome to see!!

  • patriccia

    I love boots and I think I would pick the ones in the middle. And what I like about laurel this season is how tommy’s death has changed her.

  • Madalyn M

    I absolutely LOVE the quilted boots, those would definitely be my choice.
    Katie Cassidy is part of the reason I ended up watch Arrow, because I thought she did an awesome job playing Ruby in Supernatural. And just like Ruby’s wardrobe in Supernatural I love Laurels clothes as well.

  • Laura Baldwin

    Boots would be fun. 🙂 What I find amusing about Laurel is how she keeps Oliver on his toes. Makes sure he isn’t bored. It seems like she is working on her sense of right and wrong for now. I looking forward to a sister reunion between Laurel and Dinah. 😉 🙂 Have a great week!

  • James

    I really enjoy how in season 2 of Arrow thus far, Laurel has created a better relationship with her father. I feel that this new, strengthened relationship will ease the pain that Laurel has felt from losing Tommy, but also keep her father on a non-destructive path.

    As for the boots, I want to get my sister something nice and these would be fantastic!

  • Jillian

    I’m obsessed with the lace up ones!!! I absolutely need them in my life! Perfect way to complete my outfit to watch Arrow each week 😉

  • Becca Ellen Johnson

    I love boots and I LOVE Arrow!
    Katie Cassidy, I have loved your acting since I first saw you as Ruby on Supernatural and I was thrilled when I heard you were going to be on Arrow! You are a very talented actress and I can’t wait to see what happens with Laurel. You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many girls around the world.

  • Abhinaya

    I love how laurel precisely portrays the mental conflict any girl who has gone through what she went in end of Season 1.
    As for the boots i would definitely pick the combat boots 😀

  • Susanne

    Loving the new season! Laurel has been really great this year and I can’t wait to see more! (Though I do miss Katie in Supernatural as Ruby)

  • CJ

    The thing I like most about Laurel is that she is laser-focused and super determined this season. Even though in the last episode I think she will change her mind about the vigilante I’m sure she will still remain focused in her new job in the DA’s office. Laurel is one of my favorites on the show!

  • Shanna

    Definitely the quilted leather boots! I love Laurel’s outfits! She always looks fabulous!

  • Alyssa

    The boots remind m of something Angie Miller would wear.<3

  • Hatice

    Definitely combat style. 😉

  • Courtney Noorda

    LOVING ARROW SEASON 2! 😀 Seriously, it’s my favorite show. I love how independent Laurel has become. She has always been able to kick butt, but this season she’s really stepped it up a notch. I mean, what about her clever decision to rig the police station for Arrow’s next visit? Brilliantly developed character!

  • Carly Carver

    This is the type of fashion line I have been waiting for!!!!! As if I wasn’t already enough of a fan of Katie’s after seeing her on Arrow- which let’s face it- the show is awesome! But now she launches this awesome line that completely suits me! Absolutely love!!! The boots are way cool too! The middle pair is my favorite!!! <3

  • Lisa Schmock

    Love the combat boots in the middle! Are those the boots pictured in the Tomboy KC photos? Loved Katie on Harper’s Island, and she’s one of the primary reasons I wanted to watch Arrow. Love Laurel’s strength. She’s been through alot in season 1! Was really hoping she and Oliver would get together, but I think they need to let her be single for a while, then introduce a new male character for her, and show what she can do on the prosecution side.

  • PTC

    You’re so beautiful. 🙂

  • Zoe

    Favorite thing about Laurel this season is the fact that she admitted to Lance that she was wrong in accusing the Hood due to her own guilt. It takes a lot for someone to admit that, especially someone as independent and stubborn as her. Also love her unflinching bravery in the first episode with a gun pointed at her head. All I need now is to see Laurel save the Hood for once, I wanna see her fight!

  • Jennifer

    id choose the second pair

  • Elena Lugo

    Katie! You are an extraordinary example of a independent woman. I love you on Arrow and I hope that you and the show will be around for a very long time. I love the combat boots in the middle. I also love all the sweaters and bags. I think you will be going a long way with your new TKC website. Thank you and may you prosper in all that you do. Stay grounded 🙂

  • Chrystal Dehorta

    1 of many things that i love of Laurel is her attitude, how she can express herself to the world. Also how she is self – confident, Even thought in season two she’s passing through a rough time and her self-esteem is a little down, you can still see her strong attitude and confidence and lets not forget how pretty she is. I think the boots that i liked where the ones in the right because I see them as fashionable combat boots that are the right fit for a causal outfit.

  • I love boots. Any kind of boots. It makes me feel comfortable in any way. just being myself. Just like Laura in arrow, she’s full of self confidence.

  • I honestly did not know you opened up your own fashion blog, and I gotta say, I look at you in a whole different light now. Props to you, I just love fashion enthusiasts & following fashion bloggers spreading their own style and inspiration to others. Now enough of the cheesy stuff, I’m dying for a good pair of combat boots. I’ve been searching far and wide for a pair and haven’t found any that just made me want them so darn bad. D; I’m a picky shopper, I guess, but the ones in your picture look so perfect.

  • Stephanie

    I like that Laurel is a strong independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone.

  • Hollie Pykonen

    I’ve been following Katie’s career longer than any other actor/actress I like. It’s wonderful to see how far she’s made it (not that I had any doubt). I started watching Arrow because of her, & the show itself has hooked me as well. I love how Laurel has grown into her own & has changed so much that we get to see so many sides of her. She’s been played with such range by Katie that you actually smile, worry, & cry along with her. Laurel has made herself such a central character in the show, & I love that she has her own plot lines. She’s human, she has good times & bad. Her emotions are evident & I’m constantly enthralled in how her life is a battle between her head & heart. Plus, the girl has amazing style 🙂
    Oh, & I really love the middle lace-up boots. I can see them pairing up with my current favorite jeans….just sayin!

  • Jennifer


  • Maria C.

    I Love the combat boots in the middle, they are so cute! && I am in love Laurel’s wardrobe 🙂 She has such a classy & chic style, I use your outfits as an inspiration to my personal style 🙂

  • Elena

    Well definitely the last one with the trucks!!! Really like the boots even if I have never been a fun of the brand!

  • jen

    I love the middle combat boots! Favorite thing about Laurel this season is her ability to be courageous and decisive in the midst of danger!

  • Lori

    I haven’t owned a pair of boots since my Grandmother passed several years ago. It would be a blessing to win.

  • Cindy

    I love Laurel’s determination and will. She can do anything she puts her mind to. And come on, Katie/Laurel would rock all 3 of those awesome boots!

  • Fuong Minh

    Hi Katie !
    I’m a big fan of you. I have follow you from Arrow season 1. Wow, just say, Laurel Lance is my favorite actress . I learn a lot from her : decisive, strong, generous, gorgeous and intelligent.

    In the season 2, Laurel still beautiful with her new blond hair – I like it best. I hate people who make comparison between Laurel and Felicity, and then they told Laurel is annoying. Laurel will become Black Canary and fight for Starling City. I believe that. Look forward this in the next episodes !

    Btw, I check out this blog everyday, it’s really interesting !

    Unfortunatelly, I’m located in Viet Nam so I cant take this giveaway, so sad. Anyway, I’ll always support you.

  • Lisa O’Neil

    Love the middle pair.
    Laurel is great this season. Love the angst over Tommy’s death. Love the work in the DA’s office. Can’t wait to see her transition into Black Canary!
    Great blog!

  • Katie

    I’m loving the Rag & Bone pair!
    Loving Laurel in Arrow, can’t wait for the Black Canary transition!
    Thanks for this blog, loving the tips!

  • Carly

    want the pair on the right!!!!!!!!

  • I would definitely pick the spiky boots. They’re so rock n’ roll!

  • Jay

    Oh, that middle pair is my kind of BOOT!! Though a girl would be lucky to have any of the three.

    My favorite thing about Laurel is her unending compassion and love. She’s been through so much loss and so much pain, and yet she never stops caring about others. She made it her goal in life to help those who needed it, who couldn’t afford it. She makes other people’s struggles her own and she cares deeply about every person she represents in her work. And, of course, her love for her friends and family shines so bright. She loves with her whole heart, even when she’s let down or betrayed by someone she loves. Laurel, someone who could be bitter and angry about how love has treated her, still opens herself and her heart to people. Laurel’s amazing<3

  • Such an amazing giveaway! It’s a tough choice between the quilted pair and the lace up boots, but I think I love the lace-ups! I love an element of edge and these would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe 🙂

    XO, Alison

  • amy williams

    Love these moto boots! So awesome for fall

  • Amanda Smith

    My husband and I love Arrow! I love that Laurel is standing up for what she believes in! She is such a strong woman and I feel like this season she is not taking anyones S***!

  • Natalee Burrus

    LOVE the combat boots! And my fav about Laurel in Arrow is her style. Katie rocks all the outfits and makes Laurel seem awesome

  • Meghan

    studs.studs.studs oh studs. simple perfection on a boot. //love Laurel this season, the hair/thefashion/and the take no prisoners personality. love love love.

  • Kristina Kynard

    I love them all but I would choose the spikes!!!

  • Emelia Funnell

    What I absolutely love about Laurel in the show Arrow is her independent personality and her ability to kick butt when she needs to. She also has a strong heart and this fierce passion for her job and other ideas or things in her life. Im extremely excited to see her character develop even further in this season! And I would love to have and wear the combat boots in the middle! So cute!

  • Ilaria

    I’m so obsessed with boots lately!

  • Victoria Smith

    One thing I love about Laurel is how independent she is. And if I had to choose between the three I would chose the one with the spikes

  • Ivy

    I love boots because it reminds me of fall!
    ! They go with everything and are perfect! What I love about Lauren this season of arrow is that she has become more fierce and strong!!

  • Pamela

    I admit that in Season 1, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Laurel. She seemed to always feel the need to latch onto one of the guys to try to find strength when things got difficult. This season, TOTALLY different story! She is a badass that still manages to look hot while doing her thing and she seems to have found more strength within herself to accomplish what she wants done. In my opinion, the perfect pair of boots can help a woman feel that way. This is why I’m loving the quilted black boots! They are strong yet sexy, the perfect combo. 🙂

  • Marie Alcaraz

    I love love love earthy toned boots! One thing i love about Laurel is her awesome makeup and style! Huge props to the styling team and Katy for being such a fantastic model!

  • Ohhhh the studs will go well with my new moto jacket!! Love them all though!!

  • Dee Zrelak

    You can never have enough of little black boots!

  • Yaz

    Love the boots in the middle!

  • Absolutely love these pairs! Boots are my favourite and they never go out of style. I would get the one with the belt by the top. They’re gorgeous.

  • Lynn

    I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of winter boots so I’d choose the WOMEN’S GRAND JAMS – UNLIMITED!

  • christina m

    Love the first pair of boots! So adorable~ On another note, one thing I love about Laurel is how she doesn’t take anyone’s crap! Just the way it should be! 🙂

  • Pin

    I love the Stud Factor boots. In true TKC style, I like my boots to be bad ass.

  • Theresa J

    I would love the WOMEN’S AWOL – KILTED

  • Annette

    I like the boots in the center.

  • Kat

    I lurve me some boots, def the middle pair!

  • Rabia

    I love Arrow, my siblings and I all watch it together! What I love most about Laurel is her ability to take responsibility for her actions. In the last episode, she realized that The Hood was not responsible for Tommy’s death, and she took ownership for her role in the tragedy.

  • Tracey

    Love the boots with the studs!

  • I’m loving the pair of boots on the left side! The first pair! Very cute! I’m obsessed with quilted boots, would love a pair of those!

  • I think the 2nd pair of boots would definitely be something I would pick to wear everyday! 🙂 I love the buckle at the top and the laces! I am in love with lace boots and would be so happy if I got lace boots!

  • Marsie Lynn

    I like how independent Laurel is. 😀 I think she is sassy in a really awesome way! 😀 I love how classy and fabulous her outfits are and she rocks them, really, like I wish I could steal her wardrobe. 😀 Thanks Kaite, for helping bring the most amazing show I have seen in a long to to the TV. 😀 God Bless! 😀
    ~ Marise ♥
    P.S. To the left, to the left!! The first ones are fantastic and if I win I would love those, thanks!! 😀

  • Jolyn Schwengler

    I LOVE the first pair of boots! I can’t wait to see what happens with Laurel this season, love the evolution thing!

  • Lyn

    This season I’m loving how cunning Laurel is becoming. Last season has definitely sharpened a few edges. I am definitely on the edge of my seat to see if deceit will be the rise or fall of Laurel. Cheers to the writers, cast, and crew!

  • Krystel Baeza

    Laurel’s season 2 hair! Can we agree – AMAZING!?!


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