Gift Guide: For Your Man

Gift Guide: For Your Man

There’s one thing I don’t love about the holiday season: shopping for men. Moms, friends, little kiddos – I am comfortable shopping for anyone who (a) has the same emotional motivations as me, or (b) doesn’t have formed opinions and will like virtually anything I tell them to. But when it comes to the men in my life, they fall into a category of human whose motivations I will never fully understand, no matter how simple my mother claims them to be. And formulating a holiday gift list around their “I don’t care, but wait now I do” attitude always turns into the ultimate exercise in patience and creativity.

With December half over (ok, so we might be panicking) and the time between shopping season and giving sessions reaching the end of the ruler, we came up with a few man-giving maxims to assist in your search. To be clear, we don’t claim to know what men want. These are just a few gift ideas that have helped us in Decembers past:

1.  Buy them something that they need (like this weekend duffel bag) but would never spend the money to buy themselves because they don’t think they need it (“This grocery sack works just fine!”). They’ll appreciate it even if they never would have asked for it.

2. Replace something that has seen better days. Case in point? Those Converse sneakers he duct-taped the soles back onto. If they were such a hit the first time around (come on, they have duct tape on them), chances are…

3.  Appeal to their interests.  Books on topics they obsess over (for whatever reason) are always a good idea. If he can spend hours watching golf on television, maybe getting him a book on the subject will get him out from front of it.

4.  The scarf is the new tie.

5.  Buy him something you want him to wear. Or better yet, buy him something you want to wear.

6. If all else fails, get him a craft beer club membership.

Annnnnnnd, that’s all we got.


To be clear, we don’t claim to know what men want.


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