Diary of a Health Nut

Diary of a Health Nut

We love food. Like love it. But we would be telling you some kind of story if we made like we knew anything about healthy eating aside from going organic and focusing on veggies. You know who actually knows something? Eve Lynn Kessner, SoulCycle instructor and health writer (check out her full #TKCProfile here). And since we just got back from Mexico where we basically threw all caution to the wind when it come to food, we asked her what we should be eating.

FOOD PHILOSOPHY:  Enjoy it!  I believe there is a spiritual quality to food and the experience of eating it.  There are cultural ramifications to either picking apart the nutrient parts of food and making a meal and equation of those parts AND also to eating on the road and ignoring the healing quality of the act of eating, sharing a meal with others, slowing down to digest…  Food is sustenance, tradition, medicine and so much more.  We need to respect that in order to get the most from it.

BREAKFAST: On work days I’m light on breakfast but nutrient dense.  I love a half avocado drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and cumin or just a banana alongside my coffee and coconut cream.  On weekends, I love to take my kids out for waffles.  There is a diner on our block that serves whole wheat Belgian waffles and it feels like the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.

LUNCH: Ideally with a friend.  I love a really big salad filled with protein, seeds, spices and fruits in the summer.  In the winter: soup!  Simple, grounding, filling and always with a big slab of whole grain (hopefully sprouted) bread.

DINNER: Dinner is complicated these days for me since I work late so many nights.  I used to be a stickler for family dinner, but life got in the way.  I do my best to prepare healthy options during the day so that when I stumble in late and tired, ready for a shower with little time to cook, I have decent options.  I like simple, flavorful foods.  Sauteed kale with garlic.  Seared salmon.  Brown rice with gomasio.  Avocado with lemon and salt.  My kids love gluten-free pasta with peas and a little olive oil and sea salt (broccoli on the side).

GUILTY PLEASURE: Donuts. Yeast donuts.  Donut Plant on Flatbush is my haven and my downfall.

SNACKS: Smoothies!  The peanut butter split from Juice Generation makes me very happy.  Green juice with ginger and lemon does, too.  I also always have a Zing Bar or Macro Bar in my bag.

BOOZE: Honestly, very little these days.  Once a week (at most), I’ll have a glass of rose’ at dinner on Saturday night or a margarita if it’s really fresh and I’m feeling sassy.  Boring maybe, but booze isn’t calling my name these days.

BRUNCH:  Ah brunch!  With some fancy coffee and a girlfriend to talk her ear off!  Sounds lovely.  I’ll have a couple organic eggs over medium with fresh toast and jam, please. Thanks.

DESSERT: Didn’t we already talk about this? Donut Plant donuts!  I mean…it’s on the way home, why not make a quick stop.  Also, I make a mean raw lemon cheesecake.  Just sayin’.”

— Eve Lynn Kessner

Food is sustenance, tradition, medicine and so much more.  We need to respect that in order to get the most from it.


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