The Five Dresses of Summer

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The Five Dresses of Summer

As I’m going through the images from this shoot, a few thoughts cross my mind:

“Man I love this dress.

Seriously though, I probably need to stop wearing this dress so much. How cool it is is sure to become overshadowed at some point by how much I wear it. There will be no novelty in it and people might start to realize just what it is to me – the sweatpants of summer dressing.

But it is pretty amazing and equally as comfortable.  And I do really love it.  Plus, it looked super cute with those Converse sneakers yesterday…

Maybe I can find another tent dress that is similar enough from a comfort perspective but different enough that people won’t notice it’s basically the same dress. Look, here’s one.  Plus it’s 70% off. Question though? Is it too much like the MDS Stripes one? Am I basically buying the exact same dress stylistically? At which point, shouldn’t I just wear the one I already have and love so much…? People probably wouldn’t even notice the difference. My husband definitely won’t.

Maybe I should just look for something equally as comfortable but with a different look. A maxi would do the trick if I found the right one. Like this. This could be the answer to all of my problems. It looks comfortable, has that whole tassle embroidered thing going on that’s so cool this season, but it’s a nice neutral color I am sure I’ll wear a lot. Lots of drama but comfortable. Bingo. Except it has long sleeves…. and I live in Texas.

This Isabel Marant number could be the winner. First and foremost, it solves the long sleeve problem. It also helps that it’s a wrap, black and sheer so it should be comfortable and breezy. It hits all of the right notes.  Save for the fact that maybe the top is a little too sheer. I could always look for the right undergarment, but then there goes another $100.

Here we go: A short comfortable dress with embroidery and tassles, short sleeves, not too sheer and 50% off. I’ll take it.

Except, is it as cool as the blue one? Where’s the drama? Is this too expected?

Forget it. This search has already taken too long, I’m supposed to be writing a post and I think I’d rather wear the one I already have.”

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Seriously though, I probably need to stop wearing this dress so much.

In the post:

dress: MDS Stripes  |  sandals: Dries van Noten  |  brass cuff: All the Wire


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