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No Fuss Eyeshadow

If you’ve ever been around me then you pretty much know I am not a big makeup person.

Let me rephrase: I LOVE makeup, but I hate being made up. I am lazy when it comes to learning how to use products. I fall in love with the idea of makeup and all of the amazing things it can do (I really do love knowing about it), but I can’t seem to make the connection between the idea of makeup and implementing it into my daily life.  The truth of the matter is, I have so many things going on in any given day that painting my face seems a little low on the importance totem pole.

So when I come across a routine or a product that makes getting ready in the morning effortless and easy for me, I commit tenfold and stick to it.

Which brings me to eyeshadow. There’s really nothing no-fuss about eyeshadow. Choosing colors, contouring the eye, fixing the guaranteed mishap I am going to have with my mascara… It’s work.

Recently, a friend introduced me to the concept of the eyeshadow pallete.  For some reason, the idea that all of those colors in that magic little compact were intended to be used together had completely gone over my head. (I know, I told you I am lazy)  The guesswork was suddenly taken out of the game. The darkest color on the outside of the eye, the lightest color below the brow and that middle color on the inside. That’s it. Simple. Who knew? All right there for you in that little box.

I felt enlightened.

And as is my MO, I went all in. I have since started a collection of brown based compacts. I already had the Naked2 Pallette (because obviously), but really like the Edward Bess one and find the Marc Jacobs version a little easier to tote around while I am travelling.

So I’ve done the research. I’ve collected the goods. Now let’s just see if I can make myself use them.

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I LOVE makeup, but I hate being made up.

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Edward Bess Expert Edit Eyeshadow  | Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color

  • Mim Plech

    I adore makeup but I am very lazy to do it on myself! lmao
    I love eyeshadow palettes, Naked2 is my favorite but the 3 is also very beautiful, like many pink shades, it’s lovely.

    • Tomboy KC

      Girl, you and me both. That’s why I stick to one set of colors I know how to master and call it a year. x

  • Anna Lynn Garrett

    I must try your recommendations! The only shadow I use regularly is the Naked palette but am always on the lookout for new brands to try. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha


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