Skipping the Colorist’s Chair with dpHUE

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Skipping the Colorist’s Chair with dpHUE

I’m a blonde. But not one of those pretty blondes. Think that dull color blonde that is neither chic nor edgy. So for as long as I’ve had funds to contribute toward the cause, I’ve been running off to the hair salon to have my hair brightened, lightened and whitened. It’s necessary, but exhausting.

As life gets busier, my roots get darker. The truth of the matter is, I very rarely have the three hours I need to sit in a colorist’s chair. And when I do come across that time, the chances of scoring a last minute appointment are about as good as winning the Power-Ball.

Enter dpHUE.

Founded by another woman living with the frustration of having no time to schedule a salon appointment, unlike me (who was willing to just complain about it and let her roots go Carrie Bradshaw circa 1999), Donna Pohlad teamed up with Justin Anderson, one of the most coveted celebrity hair colorists in Hollywood, to launch the only line of salon-quality DIY hair color.

I recently discovered dpHUE and the whole concept has pretty much rocked my color-loving universe. Everything I thought about hair color (secret formulas mixed in the back-room never to be released to the real world) has been turned topsy turvy. dpHUE is doing to the hair industry what seems to be the norm for game-changing companies these days – they are cutting out the middle man.

I’ll be honest, the idea of doing anything to my hair other than wash it outside a salon used to be terrifying. But this stuff is not a drugstore brand that’s harsh on your hair.  And the real beauty of it is, even if you aren’t comfortable taking the color to your scalp yourself (we can’t all be Katie)you can use the line to extend your color and put a little more space between you and that beauty chair. My favorites for this? The two application Root Touch-Up Kit (we can all use a few extra weeks on our color) and the Gloss Plus, a semi-pigmented deep conditioner that will deposit color into hair for about two-three weeks in order to bring back vibrancy between salon visits.

The line, which includes color-enhancing shampoo and conditioners, a lightweight and clear argan oil (no more unintentionally adding yellow-tint to your hair), and a collection of apple cider vinegar products that serve as a replacement for frequent shampooing (obsessed with these), has launched at both Sephora and in over 900 ULTA stores.

Still have questions?


I am hosting a Meet & Greet with celebrity colorist and dpHUE Creative Director Justin Anderson in Dallas on Monday, June 20th from 5-7PM at the Ulta in Park Lane (8160 Park Lane, Suite 330) and you are invited. Stop in to say hi, pump Justin with all of your questions, and test the products for yourself. Then, once your life has been changed, we can chat about what we are going to do with all of this newfound free time. Cocktails anyone?

Joining us? RSVP to

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dpHUE is doing to the hair industry what seems to be the norm for game-changing companies these days – they are cutting out the middle man.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse  |  Root Touch-Up Kit  |  Cool Blonde Shampoo  |   Color Boosting GLOSS+ Deep Conditioning Treatment

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    TKC, I would love to know if you have any dye recommendations for people with PPD allergies. It’s the product I’m on the hunt for the most!


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