Dear Instagram, You’ve Changed

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Dear Instagram, You’ve Changed

Dear Instagram,

I think it’s time we had a talk.

This is a hard letter to write, mostly because you probably aren’t going to see this coming. But, the truth is, you’ve changed.  And while I understand change is inevitable, I feel like we’re growing apart.

I used to love spending my mornings with you. Scrolling through your timeline, coffee in hand. Checking out what friends (albeit internet ones) were doing at that same moment. Responding to news as it happened, seeing pictures from an event those I followed attended one after another, putting together the pieces without having been there myself. Those mornings were the best.

I loved getting lost in your hashtags, discovering new artists, retailers and insanely cool human beings with a penchant for the visual and the penned word. Some of my favorite people I don’t know I discovered, on my own, by linking through post after post of those I followed. I learned from them. Was inspired by them.

You let me explore my interests, even if they weren’t popular, and I loved you for that.

You helped me nurture and build a community amongst those I followed and those who followed me. Conversations. Opinions. Recommendations. I built an internet family, all with your help. Thank you for that.

That’s when you were at your best. Your most raw.  You were just being you, you let me be me, and neither of us was worried about making anyone else happy.

In fact (and not to compare you to my exes), but my favorite thing about you was that you weren’t Facebook.  You weren’t choosing what I saw, deciding what I thought was relevant or telling me what I should care about.  You let me be me. And I embraced you for the simplicity that was your platform.

But lately I’ve felt distant. You see, you’ve been hanging out with Facebook and it feels like you’ve picked up some of its bad habits. Your focus has changed. Instead of setting your sights on me, you’re more concerned with data and algorithms.

As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t know who you are anymore. You’re a completely different app now and all of the things I used to love about you seem to be disappearing.

Those inspiring conversations I had with others? They have become few and far between. And my chronological feed has been replaced with something hard to make sense of with it’s messy and seemingly random placement of images – some from moments earlier, others from days.

I can’t even look at my own feed in order to reminisce without your mathematics getting in the way. Gone are the days of scrolling through my profile to show friends a series of photos from a given day or trip. No, you’ve taken over there, too. Now you decide what order I can show my own images, often changing subjects midstream by mixing in those that you think are more important, much like my college boyfriend who “knew what I needed” better than I did.

This isn’t the app I fell in love with.

The truth is, I’m not ready to leave because I’m still holding onto everything we had. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly searching for someone new.

The end is inevitable.

I would say “It’s your fault,” but part of me thinks that maybe it’s mine, too. Are there really good apps out there? Am I picking the wrong platforms? Or are you all just destined to be bought up by the Facebook’s of the world and ultimately distracted by new users, data and modifications?

I honestly don’t know how this always seems to happen to me.

For now, I’ll keep holding out hope that you’ll figure out your mistakes, take a cue from Netflix and apologize and change your ways. While I’ve been down this road with others before (and I know the chances are slim), it’s all I can really do.

That, and pray that Zuckerberg never gets his hands on Snapchat.

Yours for now,


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The truth is, I’m not ready to leave because I’m still holding onto everything we had. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly searching for someone new.

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