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Cue the Coats

What do you ask yourself when you pick a coat in the morning? Is it just the weather that clouds your judgment, or is there some other statement-making factor that you consider when pulling that pea coat off of the hanger as you bypass your parka?

Having spent more than our fair share of afternoons standing shivering in the wind in a less than substantial outer garment, we’d argue that, whether you’ll admit it or not, the weather is only a factor (albeit substantial, at times) in your outerwear decision matrix. More likely than not, you consider color, coordination and that “me” component as you waltz through your closet playing both judge and jury amongst your coat collection.

So here’s the problem we run into: Who knows what coat you are going to want to wear at any given time, so how does one prepare for the biting cold most definitely ahead?

Given our mercurial taste, over the years we started in the outerwear arena by playing it safe and investing in three classic options with the intent to move on from there. We started with a classic pea coat in a neutral camel – when all else fails there is no better fallback plan. We moved on to a long pinstripe number (another easily incorporated style), and rounded our collection out with a parka with some pizazz (aka, fur), because sometimes the weather really is the most important consideration.

And that held us over for awhile. Until one day, out of the frost-bitten blue, we started feeling a little more in need of a statement and we branched out to houndstooth, which was just a slippery slope away from leather accents and color (oh my!). And once you start playing with color, well….

Tell us our picker isn’t going to point at this oversized amazingness everyday this winter.  Just try.


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Who knows what coat you are going to want to wear at any given time.

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boots: c/o Skechers  |  pants: Zadig & Voltaire  |  belt: Barbara Bui  |  sweater: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here)  |  parka: Zadig & Voltaire (we also love this one and this one)  |  beanie: Kit and Ace (we also love this one)


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