Creature of Habit

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Creature of Habit

Diane Keaton wears hers on the red carpet, Emmanuelle Alt pairs them almost exclusively with denim or leather, and we’ve seen more than one teeny bopper throw one over a short dress. For me, there’s perhaps no other section of my closet that works as hard as my blazer collection.

When we set out to take these images, Yesi looked at me and said “This is what I think of when I think of you. Leather pants, a blazer and a pair of glasses.” As I thought about it afterward, she was right. Without knowing it, like a woman who only orders chicken fajitas at Mexican restaurants, I had become one of those people that doesn’t think, just does. A creature of habit – which, for those following along at home, means I had fallen headfirst into a rut.

Honestly, when I consider the actual contents of my closet at the moment (patterned, eclectic, structured), it’s so much more than just a haven for every blazer ever made. It is chock-full of statement pieces. Pieces when shopping I fell in love with because the construction was so amazing, the print was insane or the design so original. I remember a Haute Hippie t-shirt dress I bought years ago that had tulle feathers at the waist – the friend shopping with me at the time encouraged me not to buy it citing the age old “Where in the world are you going to wear that?” mantra. I had to have it. The contrast between the glamour and casual I fell in love with then is as relevant now as ever. But I still don’t wear it.

No, when it comes time to get dressed in the morning, I stroll past structured Carven skirts, geometric Zara dresses and studded Valentino shoes I saved months for and, half asleep, grab jeans and a blazer. Like clockwork. And apparently, it’s obvious.

Not that I don’t want to have a signature look. I love the idea of that, actually.  And I love that, if I have to have a signature, this is it. But on the same token, I hate that I am not using my closet to it’s fullest potential. Hello, I bought all of that stuff. It’s high time I wore it. Am I right?

Simply put, my new goal is to always be as experimental with my closet as Anna dello Russo during all of fashion month. That doesn’t mean I am saying goodbye to the blazers. On the contrary – they are my thing after all. I am just making a commitment, here and now, to stop working them so hard.

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Like a woman that only orders chicken fajitas at Mexican restaurants, I had become one of those people that doesn’t think, just does.

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blazer: Sachin + Babi (on sale here)  |  t-shirt: National Geographic (old; love this option)  |  leather pants: Rag & Bone (love this faux pair)  |  heels: Via Spiga  |  clutch: Diane von Furstenberg  |  glasses: Sorella + Tomboy KC “Paige”

  • Michelle

    Love this look from head to toe <3

  • LOVE THIS! <3

    I have quite the opposite goal this year when it comes to dressing up. After years of experimenting, I want to try being faithful to certain styles now.

    • Lynsey

      I’m actually right there with you – I’m done experimenting. In recent years I’ve stopped buying the crazy and playing around with styles and committed to more specific looks and pieces I feel like are me. Which was hard enough! I suppose now what I am trying to do is stay true to my closet and just use all it has to offer, instead of wearing the same exact thing (sometimes literally) over and over again. Fingers crossed.

  • Jess

    I love that leather pants are part of your uniform. That’s pretty badass if you ask me. I totally agree though, I don’t think I wear half of my clothes (if that). At the start of last winter I decided I would spend an hour a week just trying things on, thinking of outfits, experimenting with the things I have. It worked pretty well for a while, because I didn’t actually take more time or brain power when getting dressed in the morning. But then the regular uniform creeps back in.. I guess it’s good to have a reminder once in a while that you should let your fun clothes come out to play.

  • Taylor

    I think its good to shake things up, but I like knowing that friends know my key pieces and would recognize my look and think of me.


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