How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

A few weeks ago, I stopped into the Peacock Alley showroom here in Dallas to chat about the sheets for our master and guest bedrooms. I went in looking for some inspiration and walked out with a whole different understanding of the importance of linens, specifically when it comes to the guest bedroom.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but during our visit Brad at Peacock Alley pointed out the importance of having different blanket weights and pillow density’s as options in your guest bedroom. Which makes sense. There’s a reason hotel beds are so comfy – they’ve got every option covered.

I hadn’t really thought about it before he mentioned it, but this single conversation changed everything I was thinking about our guest room.  My thoughts immediately moved from furniture to linens and stayed there.

In fact, I fell so in love with the showroom bed we were looking at (if you have been following on InstaStories you know this isn’t an exaggeration) that I’ve decided to just copy and paste it into our guest bedroom.  Luckily, we are keeping the linen upholstered bed we currently have, we might grab a cool oversized piece of artwork for the wall and a whimsically printed bench for the bottom of the bed, but other than that I don’t love over-furnished guest bedrooms – convenient, since my new obsession is linens.

If you’re interested in linens as much as I am now, here’s what we are planning:

  • Mandalay Blush Duvet and Standard Shams – This linen duvet was the epitome of everything I love about good linens. It comes in several colors and you can choose your coordinated color of cording (yay for customization!). I fell in love with the blush and went with white cording to keep it classic. We already have down fill to put in it, so this is going to serve as the heaviest covering on the bed (as it should).
  • Mandalay Cuff Sheets and Cases – These might be my favorite thing on the bed, if we are being honest.
    The cotton/percale sheets have this gorgeous linen cuff on them that is full of simple style. Apparently they are new (surprise, surprise). They also come in a handful of color ways, but we went with platinum for our guest bed and think it is going to pair really well with the blush duvet.
  • Estrella Blanket in Pearl – This is the first blanket we are putting on top of the sheets.  Keeping with the whole “give your guests options” idea, this is the warmer of the two blankets we chose. It’s a super luxurious wool that, frankly, I could see myself snuggling up with on the couch.
  • Braga Blanket and Standard Shams – This is the second blanket and fourth and final covering we are putting on the bed. It is a lighter linen blanket that will be a great alternative on warmer nights. I also happen to love it because it looks so deconstructed, providing a more relaxed look to all of the other structured pieces we are including.

I absolutely love having people stay with us (no joke, I am constantly offering and trying to get people to move in), so hopefully this will encourage them to do so.

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There’s a reason hotel beds are so comfy – they’ve got every option covered.

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all linens are from Peacock Alley

Mandalay Blush Duvet and Standard Shams | Mandalay Cuff Sheets and Cases | Estrella Blanket in Pearl | Braga Blanket and Standard Shams


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