Crazy Hat Lady

Crazy Hat Lady

You know the term crazy cat lady? Yeah, I think I am becoming the crazy hat lady.  These days, there isn’t a topper I am not willing to try.  I have gone from a simple baseball cap to getting a (self-taught) education in millinery.  Fedoras, beanies, boaters, oh my! Call it hair avoidance or a case of excessive sartorial expression, either way, if the hat fits…

Fedoras, beanies, boaters, oh my!

In the post:

sweater: Scoop  |  hat: Rag & Bone  |  boots: c/o Skechers  |  jeans: Rag & Bone  |  handbag: Celine  |  sunglasses: Panama Jack  |  necklace: Collings & Co.  |  rings: Jacquie Aiche, c/o Henri Bendel

  • Sarah H

    Hiya! I just wanted to let you know that the links to what you’re wearing (sweater, hat, boots etc) don’t work. This isn’t the first time that links haven’t worked.. It just sends me to a blank page.

    • Tomboy KC

      Hi Sarah, Thanks for the note! They work for us. Try letting them load for a minute and, if they still don’t work try checking your adware or security settings. xx

  • Is it possible to be a “girly girl” and a “tomboy” at the same time?!? Because I have always considered myself the former…but I absolutely LOVE these looks you put together!! This half and half sweater is fab, but so are the boots…and the hat…and the jeans!! I think I’m a convert!!

    • Tomboy KC

      Monika – OF COURSE! The whole premise of TKC is that we are both girly girls AND tomboys at heart (check out our manifesto). Do your thing girl. xx

  • I was not naturally attracted to hats in the past but they are growing on me. They add such a cool touch to an outfit and there is so much diversity that you can just have fun with the whole thing.

  • Love that sweater 😀
    xx Stephanie (

  • JD

    I have a rather large head and big hair so hats can sometimes betray me, but sometimes you find one that’s PERFECT and you want to wear it with everything!! Love hats 😀

  • Paulina

    IN LOVE with those Skecher boots ! Wish I lived in the US so I could have entered in that competition to win them.
    You’re beautiful Katie, keep up the AMAZING work on this blog, love reading it 🙂

  • Justin

    As mad as a hatter! haha. If you’re ever in the mood to make a weird and crazy beanie ill definitely be interested!! 🙂 This winter is shaping up to be a cold one and its already going to get down in the teens mid-week. Brrrr… (I love it) lol.

  • I always love your looks kattie!! Kisses from spain!! Please check my blog

  • Ah!! I love this look. Especially the boots! I have a pair but sometimes struggle to put outfits together with them. What other outfits do you like with those kinds of boots!

    • Tomboy KC

      Hey Tina! Be sure to check out the “What Katie Wore” tab. She has been rocking these boots quite a bit lately. xx

  • hahahaha Kattie seee!!!!! this must be your favourite jersey!!!!! hahaha


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