IT Cosmetics Color Infused Skincare

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IT Cosmetics Color Infused Skincare

When we consider adding product to our beauty regimen, we like to separate it into categories: those that we think are “cool” and those we will use on a daily basis. Products in the former grouping get a little less deference (how badly do we really need an airbrush machine…?), while finding a game-changing product in the latter category is, well, game-changing.

IT Cosmetics recently came out with a line of color infused skincare available exclusively at Sephora. We tried it all to save you at least a week and tons of cash. Because friends share, here are the four products we are adding to our beauty cabinet.

  1. Bye Bye Makeup – The living definition of what a makeup remover should be, there’s absolutely nothing this little tub doesn’t do. A sulfate-free cleanser, makeup remover and skin-softening serum in one go!
  2. Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream – Instant brightening for those post-holiday party mornings. But mostly for those situations when you’re so tired your eyes look like they are packing for a cross-country trip.
  3. Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment – It’s important to find a lip moisturizer you’ll actually carry around in your purse for a couple of reasons. First of all, winter is coming (just ask GOT). Secondly, if you find the right one, it can moisturize and plump. But most importantly, it’ll help you achieve that perfect balance between the trendy nude lip and a little pouty color. You heard that correctly: IT Cosmetics’ Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment will give you the perfect pout. Click purchase immediately.
  4. Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination – This is a full-coverage anti-aging waterproof concealer (say that five times fast). Point being, there’s a reason they call it eight hours of sleep in a tube. It’s also worth noting that a little goes a long way and it never creases. Yep, you read that right. We saved the best for last.


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