When it Comes to Windows: Black or White?

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When it Comes to Windows: Black or White?

Construction is in full swing and we have been tasked with making our first big design decisions: window and roof color.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram Stories, then you know my decision-making skills when it comes to this kind of stuff (i.e., anything remotely permanent) are more than a bit lacking. I’m not an interior designer, I am a consummate researcher and a burdened overthinker – pretty much a deadly combo when it comes to decisions like this.

While the roof color is important, the window hue largely impacts every aspect of the design of the home, so we decided to start there first and narrowed our selections to black, white or bronze (which reads black but is a little more of a brown/black).

The white feels more traditional and, while it wouldn’t make a big statement, we would likely never tire of it. And for something as permanent as windows, that matters.  Additionally, when it comes to picking an exterior shutter color, lighter windows will be much easier to work with.  Trying to make more modern windows read traditional can be a challenge.

However, on the flip side, I absolutely love dark windows and feel they really go with all of the other “traditional meets modern” design elements on the interior of the home. Every inspiration image I come across and love because it perfectly blends modern with traditional has a darker window (see above). Black is the more obvious choice but bronze feels like it accomplishes the look without being as trendy.

I woke up this morning certain that white was the answer, but as I write this post and look at the inspiration images, I’ve completely flipped. I am now leaning towards bronze.

It is at moments like these that I begin to seriously regret the decision to “do this myself.” Needless to say, I need some serious help.

Here are the facts:

  1. The exterior of the home is going to be painted brick.  While we love white, the next door neighbors have already nabbed this color, so we are likely going to go with a cream or ivory (I know, really breaking outside the box).
  2. There are a few windows facing the street but only one set of shutters.
  3. The garage doors are cedar and will be facing the street as well.  We intend to keep them a nice natural stained wood to match the front door.
  4. The interior design for the house is planned to be a mix between traditional and modern eclecticism. Think black and white buffalo check mixed with Soho House worthy club chairs and midcentury modern furniture.

So, all that to say, what do you think?

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I woke up this morning certain that white was the answer, but as I write this post and look at the inspiration images, I’ve completely flipped.

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dining chairs: similar here  |  bar stools: similar here

  • Kimberly

    I agree white (or off-white, in this case) is the safer and more classic choice. It’s probably something you’ll lean toward in the long run, years down the road when trends change. However, this is YOUR house. Go with what you want now- you can always change it later.

    • Lynsey


  • Sheaes

    We have bronze windows but we used to have white ones. While I love traditional colors and the bronze felt so odd for the first time, I love them know. They give more feel-at-home feeling then the white windows ever (at least for me).

    • Lynsey

      That’s actually really helpful. My biggest fear is that over time I am going to feel that the darker windows are dated. But right now, I absolutely adore them for all of the reasons you mentioned.

      • Sheaes

        I’m glad. They have a warmer effect in our home, that’s for sure.

  • Carly Ruggiero

    I feel black would be awesome with maybe a gray shutter like your first inspiration pic! I say go for it! Modern! Unexpected!

    • Lynsey

      That is almost EXACTLY what I think I’ve decided to do!

      • Carly Ruggiero

        How exciting! Sometimes my interior design education shows its colors, sometimes ha! Post pics when done!

  • Jess

    I like black, of all the photos you posted I prefer the darker windows every time. Not sure about bronze (hard to tell without seeing it) but that may be more limiting in shutter colours..?

    • Lynsey

      I am right there with you. They are always my preference.

      Funny enough, the bronze reads pretty black just a little softer. Based on images I have looked at comparing the two, my guess is the windows in that first image (with the gray shutters) are actually bronze.


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