Closet Confessions: I Can’t Make Decisions

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Closet Confessions: I Can’t Make Decisions

I think I’ve said it before, but I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to interiors. Period. End of sentence.

It’s somewhat ironic considering how iron-fisted and decisive I am in all other areas of my life. But throw me a few wallpaper choices or nearly identical marbles and I flip-flop more than a trout on a dock.

Needless to say, this whole building a house thing has pretty much pushed me to my limits and then back again.  The good thing is, as the process moves on and I nail down more decisions, the less of a blank slate the home is and the easier corresponding decisions are to make. But there is still one large outstanding decision that I just can’t seem to crack.

The closet.

I’ve had this obsession with my dream closet since we took on this project. I’ve visited California Closets a few times to plan it all out, discuss options and, more importantly, dream.  But then the estimates come back and, frankly, I’ve got sticker shock.

Truth be told, we are doing so many amazing things with this house that at some point we are going to have to compromise. And I keep asking myself if maybe the closet is the place.

Sure, I’ve dreamed of this magnificent closet, but the more I think about it and plan the other rooms and have to allocate our budget (which we are sticking to!), the more I start to think…is the closet where I want to spend this? Do I really want to sacrifice the design of a common space for a room that likely no one will see but me?

Yes. Yes, I do.

It doesn’t help when I step inside gorgeous closets (like this Hermes (!) lined one from B&B Italia in Dallas) and think of what could be. (To be clear, it will not and never will be lined in Hermes leather. We would basically have to do away with the whole house and just build a closet…and even then probably couldn’t work that one in.)

The designs California Closets came up with were gorgeous, but they are definitely the splurge of this scenario. Then, if we wanted to save a little, our contractor could do a pretty decent build-out (although not nearly as photogenic or functional) for a fraction of the cost. But, even then, once I start trying to be practical about it, it starts to feel more like something that could easily be done later – a project for years down the line when we are feeling financially prepared to take-on another project.  A project we shouldn’t do until we are ready to do it right.

The part of me that desires and needs instant gratification says, “Just do it. Figure it out later.” And then the practical part of me that is proud to say we have just nearly paid off my law school loans (party at my house) is screaming, “This isn’t necessary!”

Thus, here we are. Knee deep in construction and still waffling.  This might be the last time you hear about the closet… it might be the first of many. God only knows, because I certainly don’t.

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Do I really want to sacrifice the design of a common space for a room that likely no one will see but me?

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