Chanel Couture 2014

Chanel Couture 2014

With the over-the-top excitement that is couture show season, there is one Parisian experience that always stands apart, for one wacky reason or another. And no, we aren’t talking about this, even though the referenced experience also happens to be orchestrated by one Karl Lagerfeld (although, this season we must admit we were equally captivated by Giambattista Valli’s eclectic uses of the button down blouse – yes, please.).

After fall’s supermarket sweep, the Chanel couture show was a welcome step back from Lagerfeld’s more recent antics.  That said, despite the more simplified landscape, the statement marker in us was assuaged with the nod to 80’s band hair (we are working on creating the perfect coif de peak as we speak) and a certain pair of silver loafers that took the Lanvin versions we have been lusting after and sat on them. Hard. Although we may never personally be couture shoppers (we’ll keep visualizing the movie Blank Check and let you know how that works out for us), we have a feeling Maison Michel’s little hats and Lagerfeld’s elegant and glamorous layering might have an impact on things to come. And as hat people who like to layer, we are thinking we should throw a party. Preferably in Paris. Who’s coming?

images via the telegraph



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