Casual, Not Cool

Casual, Not Cool

We’ve all stood aimlessly in the middle of our closet, half naked, staring into the abyss of fabric on hangers that always seems to be empty despite the fact there are more clothes on the floor than in a Forever 21 dressing room. And even though you could go on a safari through said piles of clothes and likely come across a few jaguars, with the wardrobe restrictions imposed by the heat outside these days, the options always seem to narrow themselves to the same shorts and t-shirt – over and over again.

While staying cool in the summer is undeniably an important consideration (sweating is not cute, I don’t care what adjective you use to describe it), it’s always about this time each summer when I start to allow my sartorial wants to overtake my summer needs, better judgment aside. I blame pre-fall collections. That and my almost overwhelming need desire to layer (even when it is 90 degrees outside). Perhaps this can be blamed for that Vitamin D deficiency my doctor warned me about and these sweat droplets on my upper lip? (Emphasis on the perhaps; let’s not be too presumptuous) Anyway, if last month was all about these shorts and these heels, July is all about my migration to these pants and espadrilles. Oh, and it is also about water. Lots and lots of water.

— Lynsey Eaton

denim jacket: c/o Topshop / t-shirt: Eleven Paris (similar here) / pants: c/o Karen Kane (in black on sale here) / flats: Topshop / clutch: Jennifer Haley / sunglasses: Triple Graces (similar here) / rings: c/o Monica Vinader / bracelets: Monica Vinader / lipstick: Michael Kors “Diva” / nail polish: OPI “Cajun Shrimp”



images by Erica Sledge for TKC

  • Ha, this post is so true. My closet always seems to turn into that jungle of clothes that I can’t wear because it’s too hot but want to because they’re cute. Lately for me my go-to has been dresses and rompers, because at least then I still appear put together and flirty even though I’m really just trying not to have a heat stroke. Either way, I’m still ready for the fall fashion to make its way around again.

    • Tomboy KC

      We are so right there with you. x


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