The Best Gifts For Kids, Maybe Ever

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The Best Gifts For Kids, Maybe Ever

Buying for kiddos is hard, whether you’re their aunt, parent or neighbor. Most things feel like more of a waste of money than good gifts.

This year, we partnered with AHA (our favorite online retailer when it comes to finding unique and stylish product from all over the world) to bring you a list of holiday gifts that are not only budget friendly, they are also really, really cool. As in, we want all of them. Our complete guide is officially live (head here to check it out) and read on for what we’ll be buying the little ones on our list. Let’s just say, they didn’t make stuff this cool when we were kids…

  1. Bonnsu Hipster Miniware Dinnerware Set, $68 (pictured above) – Crafted with natural materials, this dinnerware set is as environmentally friendly as it is attractive. When the product meets the end of its life-cycle, it is safe to burn or break down into soil just like plants.
  2. DFRobot Vortex Robot to Teach Coding, $119 – Vortex is an intelligent and responsive robot that will enable children to learn, play and program. Who wouldn’t want a programmable robot with digital games and interactive apps that allow children to explore, program their own games and solve problems?
  3. Hape Toys Galloping Zebra Push Cart, $70 – Does your little one need a little help with her get-up and go? This sturdy, balanced cart was created expressly for kids learning to walk and in need of some support and is designed by renowned toy maker, Hape Toys.
  4. Home & Loft Child’s Turkish Robe, $55 (pictured above) – Perfect as a beach cover-up or for post-bath cuddle time. Oh, and did we mention there’s an adult version? Matching robes? Yes, please.
  5. Huzi Design Ping Pong Table, $150 (pictured above) – A multi-functional coffee table, play table and chalkboard surface all in one. Perfect height for little ones and a great multifunctional add to the game room.
  6. Maileg Veggie Rattle Gift Set, $144 – Finding something cute to get the really little guys is hard, but this is a guaranteed winner. Colorful, noisy and soft. Pretty much the tripple threat when it comes to baby gifts.
  7. Juniper Books BabyLit Complete Set, $240 (pictured above) – This set of the complete BabyLit series is designed to introduce literary classics to kids (think everything from Jane Austen to Tolstoy). Each of the 24 board books combines elements of a beloved work with an educational theme, making them fun for the kids and funny for you.
  8. Hape Toys All-In-One Easel, $80 – If it keeps them from coloring on the couch then it was worth it. Right?
  9. Jonathan Adler Owl Nightlight, $48 (pictured above) – Is this a gift for you or your little one? Is both an acceptable answer?
  10. Loog Electric Guitar, $200 (pictured above) – The Electric Loog is fun, cute and small, but it’s not a toy. It’s a real guitar, made out of real wood, that allows you to play any song. Includes a free app with video lessons, a tuner, chord diagrams and a songbook with tunes by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and more. Can we have one?


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