Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes

My life over the last six months has been nothing short of a whirlwind.

A couple of countries, a multitude of cities, several productions, innumerable red-eyes and multiple time zones. Add to that portraying a dozen crazy characters and my 30th birthday… And there you have it. The past six months.

I did happen to squeeze in ten minutes to shoot for TKC, while still in costume in Boston.  Luckily, “Dawn” was the epitome of Tomboy herself! Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.

And now, back to family and the holidays.

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Luckily, “Dawn” was the epitome of Tomboy herself!

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overalls: Dickies  |  t-shirt: American Apparel  |  beanie: similar  |  shoes: Converse

  • theapplefour

    Certainly looks like you have been doing some interesting roles going by the BTS photos, so I can’t wait to see all the productions you’ve working on. Keep up the good work Katie. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. I hope 2017 is a great year for you and one all.

  • Raspberry_Swirl

    Looking forward to “Grace” and all the new projects you have been working on. I wish you much success in all of your future endeavors. Happy Holidays to everyone in the TKC family!

  • Beansinapod Fangirlbozo

    Can’t wait for Wolves at the Door, Grace and your return to Arrow. We’ve missed you so much. Happy Holidays TKC family 🙂


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