TKC Profile: Brad Hargreaves

TKC Profile: Brad Hargreaves

Drummer, DJ, style-setter, and international man of mystery, Brad Hargreaves is one of the original members of a little band you might have heard of, Third Eye Blind!  If you have ever been to a Third Eye Blind show (if not, get ye to your nearest venue, stat!), then we don’t need to give you a breakdown of Brad’s sick drum solos.  But what you might not know is that he is also a skilled pianist and guitarist and, as luck would have it, a rather brilliant DJ, performing in clubs under the moniker “JustBrad” (genius, right?). Stylish and a musical prodigy?! Who could ask for anything more?

But perhaps the quill in Brad’s cap is that he also happens to be my brother-in-law and is now the premiere member of what is sure to be an exclusive and stylish list of TKC Profiles, highlighting stylish men (and women!) across the industry and including how to “get their look” for the ladies. Couldn’t be more excited. So without further ado, let us introduce you to “JustBrad.”

KC: OK B-Rad. What does the word “style” mean to you?
BH: A sartorial reflection of your personality.

KC: I’ll take that.  Describe your personal style.
BH: I am a laid back California dude and dressed down street style is what I feel most comfortable in. I don’t see myself as stylish and merely strive to be well dressed. Being stylish requires more creativity and a willingness to break the rules.  But beware of its wicked step sister, judgement.

KC: Is your street style different from your stage style? Or do they morph together somehow?
BH: They are not all that different. I think of stage style as a little more of a “character.” I go back and forth between wanting to be a southern blues man and a member of the Clash on stage.

KC: How has that changed over the years?
BH: I have a better sense of who I am now and part of that translates into knowing how you want to present yourself.

KC: I hear that. What is your most memorable clothing moment? You know, like what you wore for your first show, etc.
BH: It was probably finding my first leather jacket when I was 19.  It took about a year to find and I wish I still had it.

KC: I feel like you might have already answered this, but who is your biggest style icon and why?
BH: I don’t know if I think of it that way but I think the Clash always looked cool even as they transitioned a bit from the late 70’s to the 80’s.

KC: What is the one trend you tried that you should have just let pass you by?
BH: The 90’s. All of it.

KC: You know the 90’s are on their way back. I guess we can safely assume you won’t be partaking. Ha! Who do you take style advice from at home?
BH: You.

KC: Flattery will get you everywhere. OK, on free day with no work and no problems, where could we find you?
BH: If there are waves, surfing in Malibu or Manhattan Beach. If not, hanging with my dog at home and working on music. Jaime (my sister, schoolteacher): He forgot to mention hanging out with his WIFE!

BH: I hang out with my WIFE and dog on a free day at home.  Jaime thinks she is home during the day now.

KC: Haha, ok. Same free day (as if you have the time), what would you be wearing to take you from place to place?
BH: I get into “uniforms.” I find one particular thing and wear it to death. Right now it’s jeans, blue or black, and a button down oxford with either boots or some classic sneakers, currently black Vans Sk8.

KC: You are constantly on tour and have spent a lot of time in cities all over the country.  New York City is one of our mutual favorites.  Let’s say you are in NYC, where would you go with the guys for a night out?
BH: I am always amazed about how many great, vibey places there are to spend a few hours in NY. It’s almost always downtown or in Brooklyn. I don’t think I have been anywhere twice. I like places I can get some food and then have a drink. It seems like there are about 8 per block.

KC: If you could bring anyone, dead or alive, to hang with you this evening, who would it be?
BH: John Bonham.

KC: I already know this one, but what is your favorite cocktail?
BH: Martini. I have been transitioning to the original gin martini but usually just a vodka martini, 3 olives, up.  I do like to sip tequila as well.

KC: OK, same trip.  Shopping. What is your favorite under the radar spot that some of us may not know about?
BH: I don’t have a particular spot. I like to just poke around the lower east side or Brooklyn.

KC: You’re not going to give me any names are you? Let’s try this. What is your favorite boozy brunch spot?
BH: Cafe Gitane, hands down. Avocado toast!

KC:  See, that wasn’t so hard!  Alright, NYC is full of interesting (more like outrageous) characters.  What is your favorite place to people watch?
BH:  The Lower East side, but really anywhere downtown in New York. That is the capitol of street style.

KC: When you’re on the road traveling, what’s the best advice you can give to those who travel as well?
BH: Wash your hands constantly. There’s nothing worse than traveling while sick.

KC: In three words, although we know you could use a million, describe NYC.
BH: Gritty. Energetic. Chaos.

KC: Good words! Finally, when is Third Eye Blind coming out with a new record?! We miss you!
BH: Going into the studio in January as soon as the tour is over. Get Excited!


A special thanks to Brad for taking time out of his busy tour schedule to squeeze us in and to Pockets Menswear in Dallas for helping supplement Brad’s tour-bus closet for our shoot.  In closing, we promised you some style inspiration, and style translation is what you are going to get.  One of our favorite things to do here at TKC is take inspiration from the men and translate men’s looks for the ladies.  So girlfriend, this one is for you. A skinnier jean here and a little heel there, and Brad’s downtown cool can be your downtown drool.  Scroll through our collection of goodies below in order to take Brad’s look and make it yours.

“Being stylish requires more creativity and a willingness to break the rules.”

In the post:

Look 1 – cardigan: Closed c/o Pockets Menswear   |   button-down: Finamore Napoli c/o Pockets Menswear   |  belt: custom  |  jeans: Paige Denim   |  boots: Fiorentini and Baker   |   sunglasses: L.G.R.
Look 2 –  leather jacket: AllSaints   |   hoodie: Golden Goods   |   denim: Loren   |  beanie: gift from fan   |  sneakers: Vans SK8

  • Dani

    Never heard from him or Third Eye Blind before (sorry!),
    But now he and the band have a new fan more! Heard now a few songs! Really intensiv and wonderful!
    But you forgot a question: what’s his fav. TV show if he has time to watch 😀
    I think he have a good style! It fits to him.

    Best wishes and thank you for the new music advice!

  • I love them!! thanks for sharing this interview!! he looks awesome!! great style! would love for you to do a makeup tutorial you always look so great Katie!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    Great interview you do a fabulous job! Dig the sneakers! Brother is a big fan can’t wait to tell him about the new CD, he will be ecstatic!! 🙂

  • Alfred I.

    Nice interview :). I can’t wait to see who else you feature on this site

  • Your brother-in-law has it down…he looks “put together,” but still relaxed and approachable. I know that a suit or a tux is the ultimate look on a guy for many women, but I have always liked this just slightly rough-around-the-edges thing so much better!!


    This is an excellent article. We (the people) enjoyed reading this. We hope to read more on Brad in the future.


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