Amy Havins Gets TKC’d

Amy Havins Gets TKC’d

One of our favorite things about fashion is how one garment can be styled so many different ways. We are constantly laughing about how we can own the same pieces and yet, depending on who styles them, they can look like something different altogether. That, my friends, is the definition of personal style. Something we are huge proponents of.

The other day we were at breakfast with Amy Havins from Dallas Wardrobe and we got to chatting about personal style and the difference between hers and ours. We are huge fans of Amy’s super fem take on dressing, but after she told us she wasn’t “edgy” and “couldn’t” wear certain brands (like TKC favorite, Rag & Bone), we decided to conduct a little experiment. That afternoon Amy brought over a small selection from her wardrobe and we gave her the full TKC treatment – complete with leather coat and beanie. How do you think we did? It should be noted that, aside from the coat and the beanie, all items were sourced straight from casa de Havins. She looks pretty hot, if we do say so ourselves, proving that she is perfectly capable of a little edge (should she be so inclined). Amy Havins, you’ve officially been TKC’d.

Amy Havins, you’ve officially been TKC’d.

In the post:

coat: c/o Bardot  |  beanie: Zara (similar here)  |  skirt: Topshop  |  top: Asos  |  boots: Stuart Weitzman  |  handbag: Fendi  |  sunglasses: Ray-Ban  |  necklace: House of Harlow


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