all choked up: the return of the 90′s

If we learned anything from the couture shows this season, it is that there is no such thing as too many feathers and wearing pants is highly overrated (although your boss might have something different to say about it). However, as we pack our suitcases for New York Fashion Week and the bone chilling weather report (12 degrees. Seriously?), it appears that Spring has lost our address, making leg covering an absolute necessity, regardless of what Raf Simons has to say about it. So the only thing left for us to do, aside from invest in a parka and stick some feathers in our hair, is focus on the accessories. And according to the Karl’s and Phoebe’s of this world, the direction we should be taking is alarmingly clear: The collar necklace (or, if you were a child of the 90′s and ever found yourself in a Gadzooks begging your mother for something resembling this, the choker).

With the rise of crop-tops and the return of grunge, it was really only a matter of time before the 90′s made their accessories comeback, too. But before you start lamenting over the vestiary conundrum that is the tattoo choker, rest-assured that this season’s neckwear isn’t the gag-reflex inducing torture device of yester-year. No, this time around the collar necklace has taken a much more sophisticated stance on faux-strangulation. The Chanel and Balenciaga are our personal faves (who doesn’t want giant pearlescent goiters balancing from their neck?) and thanks to Vauthier spiked collars seem to have launched from a Doberman’s neck to the runway and onto retail shelves (bringing with them wayward memories of The Craft). All in all, we must admit that, from what we have seen, the 2014 choker is giving it’s older sister a run for her money.

And while the ribbon/cross choker and baby-doll dress are right where they should be (i.e., at Buffalo Exchange), we are currently welcoming the coming seasons crop of “so-called” collar necklaces to our winter wardrobe with the hopes of bringing a little Spring into our wool-covered step. Feel free to give us a whack if we try to resurrect tiny hair-clips.




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  1. I’ve always kind of liked a choker-style necklace (something with a leather thong, perhaps?!)…especially when layered with some longer pieces!! I guess that’s my boho showing!!

  2. Love love the choker-style necklace. Really accentuates the neck and collar bone. Can’t wait to start wearing them.