A Little Wallpaper Goes a Long Way.

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A Little Wallpaper Goes a Long Way.

It is no secret we have had some trouble with Edie’s bedroom over the last year or so. From finding the right linens to dealing with some wallpaper issues (sometimes peel and stick doesn’t, you know, stick), her room has always been the biggest challenge in our move.

Decorating a little girls room was sort of out of my comfort zone from the beginning anyway.  I am not a super feminine mom, so dealing with a daughter who is pretty much all pink and princess tutus, all the time wasn’t exactly the easiest. Especially when it came to creating a space for her that she both loved but that also felt like it belonged in my mostly black and white home.

That said, I really wanted to make sure that this room was more about her than me and that all of the pieces in it wouldn’t need to be switched out too quickly (I’m talking, if we can make it to high school on most of this stuff, I am going to be feeling pretty good about it).

If you can believe it, I actually went on Annie Selke and got everything we needed to put the finishing touches on the room we had started to put together.

I started with this gorgeous pink grasscloth for the walls because that was really our biggest issue. I loved it because it was this really modern pink color, added some lovely texture but also met all of the super girly requirements of my client. Ha! After our last wallpaper disaster in there, I wanted to make sure that we got the good stuff. And man, this stuff is not just good, it is the best. I have gotten SO many compliments on it since we installed it last month. I ended up loving it so much I am considering getting the same wallpaper in this color for our master bedroom.

Once the wallpaper was handled, I focused on the bedding. And man does Annie Selke have bedding. They had just launched these lovely Laura Park pillows and I knew instantly that I had to have a few. Once I decided on the two I wanted to use as our focal points, I started building texture around that. I chose a chunky throw blanket, some more neutral throw pillows of different sizes, and even this lovely pink wool pillow. It took me awhile to narrow it down because there were so many options, but was happy to put together so many textures that all complimented each other so well.

Just like with all of the rooms, we really want to get mileage out of things we already own. The good news here is that we pretty much already had all of the furniture pieces. It was the linens and the wallpaper that really brought it all together. Some notes on what we already had for those wondering:

  • We bought her this trundle bed for her playroom a little over a two years ago with the idea that it would be her “big girl bed” when the time came.  Well, the time has come and it’s working perfectly. Plus, I got it from Restoration Hardware Teen, so that pretty much means she’ll still want it by then, right?
  • We had a desk built-in and then used the Muuto shelves from her nursery above it.  Right now they are being used to store all of her books, but I see them overflowing with homework and pictures of her favorite boy band in the not so distant future (le sigh!).
  • The sconces are from Schoolhouse Electric and we had them in her nursery as well. I love how they perfectly frame the bed and that she can reach them to turn them on if she wants.
  • Finally, we had to add this wood clothing rack for her princess dresses. Funny enough, it came about because I needed to separate her play clothes from her regular clothes to show that they were different and couldn’t be worn to school, etc.

Another one down! Now if I could just get someone to help me with the office…


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