coachella inspired us to do something…about our hair

We are currently in the process of prepping for a vacation (#TeamTKC takes Miami is coming so soon we can taste it), so when we saw the photos come rolling in of fringe clad babes cavorting around Coachella, we looked right past their rompers and through their lace and lasered in on their textured locks and braided crowns. This is so much more than Coachella hair, this is inspiration for beach-goers everywhere. Right? Right.

So as we prepare ourselves for our own warm weather vacay, we are having visions of purple spraychalkstocking up on surf spray and debating the sartorial pros and cons of headpieces, turbans and straw hats. Even though you didn’t work out for us this time around, Coachella, let us just say thanks for the inspiration. Our vacation hair will be better for it.


put a ring on it…or 12

Although we always provide links to notable items in an outfit at the bottom of each post (what kind of fashion blog would we be if we didn’t?!), and said links often include references to notable items adorning our fingers, we started to notice a certain trend when it came to requests in the comment section on this here blog – it was all rings all the time.  And then a few weeks ago your requests became down right adamant (we love your passion). You wanted a full breakdown of rings and only rings. Seeing as how we like to throw epic ring parties of our own and we live for a good rager on our phalanges, we totally get the sentiment. Not to mention, we recently came across a few reasonably priced new obsessions additions (like this guy) that are definitely worth pointing out. So, as Jenna Lyons would say, “Your wish is [our] command…within reason.” Consider this your legend when it comes to reading our ring chart.


tkc profiles: willa holland

You probably know her as the one and only Thea Queen from that show we love, Arrow (or if you’re total dorks like us, Marissa’s little sister from The OC). But don’t let her characters’ girly ways fool you, Willa Holland is cool as shit and her style is all #TKC. If we have anything to do with it, this burgeoning fashionista (expect some really cool stuff coming from her soon) is going to take over as your style muse real quick like. In Part One of our two part Willaaaahh series (yeah, one time around with this chick just wasn’t enough), the Hollywood veteran fills us in on how to get her enviable care-free locks and educates us on her look. And in Part Two? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned.