one look, two ways: blazers in spring, pt. 2

And now for part two (a.k.a., the cutoffs and sneakers version) of wearing a blazer with your shorts. Thanks to its commitment issues (pick a temp, lady), Spring is all about layering. And TKC? Well we are all about the rest of it – blazers, sweatshirts, sneakers, backpacks… You get the idea. It may seem counter-intuitive to  cover your arms and expose your legs, but when you are caught in that cold movie theater and need something to toss over your goosebumps, you’ll thank us.  And so will your tan gams.

So there you have it. Same look, two ways. Welcome to the 90′s Mr. Banks.


one look, two ways: blazers in spring, pt. 1

As Katie noted yesterday, we love a lot of the same things but wear them completely differently – I have more of a penchant for color and prints than our fair lady of neutrals. And because her legs are as long as they come and mine give “petite” a whole new meaning, we thought it would be helpful interesting  humorous to add a new feature here on TKC where we take one look and style it two ways – the short and tall way; the colorful and the monochrome way; the Lynsey and the Katie way. So if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, this is the start of that.


friends who blog together, stay together

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of our articles around here are written by the proverbial “we.” No this isn’t some adaptation of the royal we, and no we haven’t confused our pronouns. We use the word “we” because there is more than one of us around here. In fact, there is a whole slew of sneaker-clad ladies hanging out in the TKC offices offering up their insights on everything from distressed denim to juice cleanses (and we are more badass because of them). That being said, in most cases, “we” refers to “us” – two friends (Katie Cassidy and Lynsey Eaton) who founded TKC based on a mutual love for fashion and running our mouths. Having given it much thought (and after receiving more than our fair share of questions on the subject), we thought it high time we made it clear just who “we” are.  In our own words, or in this case, each other’s.