september shopping list

Just so there is no confusion, Fall is our favorite season. There is just something about the turning of the leaves, cozying up in oversized sweaters and the smell of wood burning. So please excuse us if we have been trying to force feed layers and ponchos before mother nature has managed to put away her bathing suit. We are just that excited to get our over the knee boots back out of their box.

Here are just a few things we have our eye on now that we are officially in the middle of September. Yesterday it was actually a little bit, dare we say it, chilly. Nevermind the fact that the drop in temps appeared to be a fluke, we have a feeling we are going to need these things sooner than one might expect. Who else is doing a happy dance?

1. Old Navy, $13.00 / 2. Steve Madden x Peace Love Shea, $149.00 / 3. Tibi, $335.00 / 4. Topshop Unique, $310.00 / 5. Tom Ford “Black Cherry” $32.00 / 6. Alexis Bittar, $195.00 / 7. OAK, $240.00 / 8. Claire V, $290.00 / 9. Asos, $38.07 / 10. Quay, $45.00 / 11. Joshua Sanders, $425.00


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tkc fall must have: the cape

If we could only buy one thing this season what would it be, you ask? First, let us just stop and say thanks for bringing out the big guns on a Monday morning. And second, we know it’s saying a lot but if our fall got limited to one singular garment our must have item would be a cape. There’s something about draping a giant square of wool over your shoulders that just screams throw-on-and-go chic. That and we can’t think of any one other singular piece that could update our fall wardrobe in the same way and we can only buy one thing, remember?  We didn’t make the rules, you did. So a cape it is.

We dipped our toes into the caped crusaders closet back in 2010 when they made their first go of it, but this time around we have our hearts set on both comfortable and more structured options. Luckily for us, Asos has quite the assortment of wrap-around capes at a price point that would allow us to buy several and still be able to eat dinner (see below).  What? You said one item, not only one of that item and we are going to need one for traveling, lunch dates and casual strolls around the park. That’s at least three. Oh, and we also want something a little more structured (like this black cape from Vince Camuto). Somewhere between a blazer and a poncho. It’s like the perfect blend of everything we love and stand for when it comes to a wardrobe. How could we not need this? So what are we at now? Four? That should do it.

cape: Burberry (a less expensive option here, here, here and here) / top: Josie (similar here, here and here) / jeans: RtA (we also really want these for fall) / boots: c/o Skechers / handbag: Louis Vuitton (similar here and here) / belt: Hermes (similar here) / rings: similar here / nail polish: Tom Ford “Smoke Red”


images by Lynsey Eaton for TKC

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nyfw: backstage at icb

If you were to ask me to go hang out backstage at {enter some random concert here}, chances are I am going to be washing my hair five times in a row or at the very least walking my dog. But if you ask me to join Rene Furterer backstage at New York Fashion Week while Prabal Gurung preps for the ICB show, well you better have a car waiting outside or else I’ll just meet you there because I have my sneakers on and I am going to want to run (it is for moments like this that I wear them, after all). To catch a glimpse of the man himself strategizing with colleagues while pinned models strut their stuff on the runway was worth the full on sprint. Trust me. Because if Prabal tells me to wear a paper bag as a tube top, you better put your running shoes on because we are headed to Whole Foods right after this. And we are going to be in a hurry.

images by Alyssa Greenberg for TKC

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