letters from lynsey: on spinning

I have had my high and low points with spinning as a form of exercise. The high in 2005 when I maintained a three month stint of cycling everyday at 6:00 a.m.; the low arriving this morning, as my alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. and I debated the prudence in letting $25 fall by the wayside in exchange for more rest. After ten years off the bike, I had resolved to get back on, and if this was any indication, it wasn’t going to be an easy ride.

I’ll admit: Over the course of my ten year hiatus, I’ve scoffed at spin-thusiasts. A resolved yogi, loud music and pressure of any kind were the antithesis of anything I wanted out of exercise. But I needed to add some cardio to my regime and my friends drank the Kool-Aid. So about a year ago, I went to a Flywheel class with Katie on a whim. As I clipped my shoes into the bike like I was about to go downhill skiing, I swiftly realized that, thanks to my self-proclaimed high anxiety, I was destined to spend the rest of class envisioning passing out into the adjacent rider while my shoes (and presumably my legs attached to them) remained spinning in place. I rode out the 45 minute class and managed to stay on the bike. But I wrote off modern day spinning almost immediately upon exiting.

Since then, in the name of fitness advancement, I’ve given all of the exercise trends – pilates, the barre method, rowing, Zumba – a quick revolution. I learned the following: Pilates and the barre method are great for toning but aren’t any more fulfilling than the yoga classes I love; rowing is awkward, made more so by me being in the boat; Zumba requires coordination and I have little, particularly early in the morning. I tried to pick up running for a bit in order to be outside, but had to give up thanks to a bum knee and a doctor’s order.

While my dalliances with different forms of exercise happened on a whim, they were of my own volition. No one ever told me that I needed to workout more, or that there would be consequences if I didn’t get my heart rate up. Until recently.  About two months ago, my doctor started questioning my cholesterol levels – not to the point of concern, but to the point of “it’s time to start thinking about them” – and suggested advanced stretching might not be enough. I’m over 30 now, and that’s part of adulthood, right? No longer being able to keep lean and healthy while drinking cases of Diet Coke and eating pizza every night. (A tough pill to swallow, but one I have been choking down for about five years now.)

In a panic, I resolved to stop class hopping and commit to a cardio-centric workout at least twice a week – spinning, which was the only thing I have ever been able to do with any consistency, albeit ten years ago.  I am now on my fourth spin class of the new year. Every time I wake up thinking, Maybe I’ll just stay in today. But then I remember the feeling of having a health professional tell me – someone who considered themself fairly healthy – that I needed to get it together, and I get out of bed and put on my Lululemon. Sure, I’m still struggling to keep my anxiety at bay as I ride it out while the music blares. But I’m also starting to understand what the hype was all about. Somewhere in the midst of my panicked pedaling, I’ve found what can only be described as endorphins.

 — Lynsey Eaton

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tkc profile: lily fortescue

Our next London resident, Lily Fortescue, is the founder and creator of a designer lingerie line that is both flirty and fun. Over the last few years, Cheek Frills has been picked up by the likes of Shopbop, Bloomingdales and Barneys New York, among others, and proven that underwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to be cheeky.

Lily arrived on set for our shoot a little under the weather. Despite showing symptoms consistent with the kind of illness that leaves us anchored to the couch, her bubbly personality refused to play second fiddle. The impossibly gregarious entrepreneur manages to be simultaneously dynamic and focused, unafraid to just be herself. She’s the type of woman who makes you feel as if you’ve known her for years after mere minutes. Like her optimism can overcome anything – even the flu.

Here, Fortescue reveals her vision of life, how she got started and the style cues that have aided in her rise to success.

TKC:  We are obsessed with your line Cheek Frills. How did you come up with the idea to design undergarments?
LF: Well thanks! Its pretty dreamy if I may say so myself. I never actually did design. I fell into this by chance whilst working in retail! Underwear is what is needed everyday. So simple and FUN. It’s the first way anyone expresses themselves in the morning!

TKC:  When you were a kid, what did you want to be?
LF: A vet. Until I realized that I was not only terrified of blood but also rubbish at science!

TKC: Is there anything you are vain about?
LF: Of course… my hair. I want Brooke Shields’ hair in The Blue Lagoon and unfortunately don’t have it. It could always be thicker and longer! I think every girl wants someone else’s hair.

TKC: What’s your favorite movie?
LF: Gladiator is a bit of a classic isn’t it? The test of a good movie is if you can watch it happily over 10 times, and this I certainly can!

TKC:  If you had a motto, what would it be and why?
LF: Probably, “More is more” and “Why have one when you can have two.” Moderation is a word I am trying to master this 2015!

TKC:  Do you have any phobias?
LF: Needles and spiders. Both are hugely irrational and make me nuts with fear.

TKC:  What would you never wear?
LF: Kitten heels and flesh colored tights. NEVER EVER. EVER.

TKC: Who have been your greatest supporters or mentors?
LF: It sounds cliché but my mother is just amazing. She is hugely inspirational with amazing morals and advice.

TKC: What does your work “uniform” look like (i.e., what would we find you in if we popped in to your office)?
LF: God! My dressing is bi-polar. Sometimes it’s glam with leather trousers and blazers but if you were to surprise me now you would find me in a cashmere jumper, gym pants and Nike trainers.

TKC:  What music are you listening to right now?
LF: I LOVE house music. My boyfriend has a house music business called HOUSEKEEPING where they throw mega parties all around the world and produce their own tracks. So my ears are spoiled with the caviar equivalent of beats! I will also always love old classics like Fleetwood Mac, the Dire Straits and Supertramp.

TKC: Name one beauty product you couldn’t live without.
LF: Egyptian Magic. It’s really magic. I put it on my face every night before bed.

TKC: Coffee or tea?
LF: Coffee. How do people even breathe without it?

TKC:  If you could collaborate with one artist or designer, who would it be?
LF: Yayoi Kusama and her spots are just ridiculous. The collaboration she did with Louis Vuitton was too dreamy. Here at the Cheek Frills HQ we LOVE spots.

TKC:  Do you have any hidden talents?
LF: Sadly not, unless you count rolling your tongue or knowing the alphabet in baby letters.

TKC: What is one item that is safe to buy on a budget?
LF: Basics such as t-shirts and tops to layer – no one knows the difference.

TKC: One worth splurging on?
LF: Bags, shoes and coats! They will last the test of time.

TKC: What about you surprises people?
LF: I am an un-identical twin and my twin is called Rosie and is on the UK TV show Made in Chelsea.

TKC: What are you obsessed with?
LF: I am obsessed with Haribo sweets and my Chiweenie (half dachshund, half Chihuahua) called Biggie Smalls after the rapper.

TKC: Have you ever worn anything that you regretted later?
LF: Probably, but regretting things is a total waste of time. I’m all about moving forward and not looking back!

TKC: Did you consider calling your label anything else?
LF: I really really love the name Cheek Frills, it makes me smile everytime I say it and people love it. It’s the first thing they comment on.

TKC:  What can we expect to see from Cheek Frills in the future?
LF: We have a VERY exciting collaboration with one of the US’s biggest ever supermodels launching globally in March. Watch this space!

jacket: Joseph / sweater: ASOS / jeans: Sandro / boots: Isabel Marant / handbag: Celine / rings: Sydney Evan and Zoe Chicco


images by Mary Summers

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four chubby sticks you need

You don’t necessarily think of January as the time for peachy corals or plummy purples, but the thought of concentrated colors is helping us put a little Spring into our frosty step.

We’ve tested the waters and have found ourselves reaching for the same four colors over and over. These shades, packaged neatly into the penultimate everyday moisturizing tool (you know how we love our Chubby Sticks), are our current go-to’s to keep lips from chapping and moods from freezing over.

(1) Creamy Coral –  Orangey-reds are bright and irresistible and this one packs the right amount of pigment.  If applied sparingly, this can be used as a light coral daytime stain. For more of a hibiscus punch, apply a few coats. Clinique Chubby Stick in Heftiest Hibiscus ($17.00)

(2) Cotton Candy Pink - A pink that is at the same time bright and understated? Sign us up. Twice.  Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy ($17.00)

(3) Natural Nude – Barely there lip color – a moisturizing tool that actually screams “I woke up like this” – is always a crowd favorite. It’s super flattering and we’ve found the perfect neutral in Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Heaping Hazelnut ($17.00).

(4) An Evening Rose – The perfect combination of lipstick, stain and balm, the Clinique Chubby Stick in Roomiest Rose ($17.00) is our current answer to nights out on the town. Say goodbye to that cracked pout. It’s time to get puckering.



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